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11 Days 10 Nights Hong Kong China Tour

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  • Explore Hong Kong in one full day, learning about the most authentic Hong Kong culture
  • Take a cable car to the top of the Victoria Peak to have a bird view of Hong Kong city
  • Visit four most popular destinations in China Mainland

Itinerary Day by Day

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Day 1  Hong Kong Arrival

Welcome to Hong Kong, the oriental pearl. Shopping, sightseeing, museums, islands, historical sites and delicacy, almost every necessary factor for a place of interest can be found in Hong Kong. You are always welcome to explore the modern city with us! Your guide will pick you up at the Hong Kong Airport.


Accommodation:Hotel in Hong Kong

Day 2  Hong Kong Highlights Exploration
Victoria Peak
Standing 554 meter above the horizon, the Victoria Peak is the best place to have a bird view of Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbor. Most tourists like to take a cable car to reach the top of the mountain. The windows on the right side of a cable car offer tourists better sceneries.
Hong Kong Aberdeen
The Aberdeen was one of the first places to become prosperous in Hong Kong. Hundreds of villagers are still leading a traditional fishermen’s life here. The villagers’ fishing boats are the most renowned tourist attractions in Aberdeen.
Stanley Market
The Stanley Market is the most popular place to buy souvenirs in Hong Kong. Handicrafts, commemorative coins, paintings and costumes are tourists’ favorite souvenirs. Bargaining is not only a commercial behavior, but also a tourist activity here.

You will take three hours to fly to Beijing after today’s tour.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Beijing

Day 3  Royal Experience
Forbidden City
As a royal residence built in 1420, everything in the Forbidden City is priceless. The used to build palaces were cut down on steep mountains, and the bricks were transported to Beijing from Suzhou, where is over 1000 kilometers away from Beijing.
Tian’anmen gate
Tian’anmen gate is the middle gate of the imperial city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911 AD). Only the emperors were allowed to enter and exit the imperial city through the middle gate. A portrait of Chairman Mao hangs above the central gate.
Jingshan Park
Jingshan Park is located at the central point of the north-south central axis of Beijing City. It is adjacent to the Forbidden City in the south, Beihai in the west, and the Drum Tower in the north. It used to be the highest point in the center of Beijing.
Summer Palace
The Summer Palace was built by the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1636 to 1912 AD). He was fond of the gardens in the south Yangtze area, so many imitations of attractions in south Yangtze area were built in the Summer Palace.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Beijing

Day 4  Great Wall and Olympic Legacy
Mutianyu Great Wall
Constructed in 1368 AD, the Mutianyu is an essential section of the Great Wall in Beijing. There are lots of watching towers on Mutianyu, because if enemies marched over Mutianyu, the city of Beijing would be in great danger.
Ming Tombs
In order to protect the ancient relics, only three parts of the Ming Tombs are open to tourists. However, the royal relics in these parts are the essence of the Ming Tombs. Tourists can also admire the statues of gods on the Sacred Way in front of the tombs.
Bird's Nest
The National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, undertook the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field competitions and football finals during the Beijing Olympics. The shape of the stadium is like a "Brid’s Nest".
Water Cube
The National Swimming Center is known as the "Water Cube" because of its unique appearance. It was built to hold the swimming competitions for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. After the Olympics games, Water Cube became a fitness center.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Beijing

Day 5  Beijing City Tour
Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven was the largest and highest-ranking sacrificial building complex in the world. In every important festival, the emperors would went to the Temple of Heaven to pray to the heavens to bring peace and good harvest to people.
Hutong is like a recorder, witnessing every change of this city. Hutongs have a history of more than 700 years. Only the common people lived there. The rich men had their own luxury houses. Your guide will be happy to tell you some anecdotes about Hutongs.

After today’s sightseeing to two Beijing attractions, you can have a rest on a train from Beijing to Xian. It takes around 5 hours for the train ride.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Xian

Day 6  Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army
Listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 1987, the Terracotta Army is one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. The Terracotta Army were the funeral objects of Qin Shihuang, who united the ancient China. He wanted to transfer his power to the underground world, so he constructed the Terracotta Army.
Ancient City Wall
The City Wall of Xian was initially built 1500 years ago, however most parts we can visit today only have a history over around 700 years. Most tourists like to take a stroll of cycle on the ancient city wall while admiring the city view of Xian.
Muslim Quarter
The most authentic Xian local foods can be found in the Muslim Quarter. Roasted beef or mutton, Chinese hamburgers, fruit juices and steamed buffs, almost everybody’s hands are occupied by foods. You can eat while walking or in small restaurants.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Xian

Day 7  Xian History Tour
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is and landmark on the ancient Silk Road. Ancient Chinese products were transferred to the Western world from Xian, and Buddhist treasures were transported to and collected in the pagoda.
Shaanxi History Museum
Located to northwest of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Shaanxi History Museum is a must-visit place in Xian. Xian was the capital of Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, so the ancient relics, which were made during these three dynasties, are the most valuable collections.

You will fly to Guilin after today’s sightseeing in Xian.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Guilin

Day 8  Li River Cruise
Li River Cruise
You will cruise past some scenic spots, which have interesting names, during the 4.5-hour long boat ride, such as the “Nine Horse Painting Hills” and “Celestial Being Pushes Stone Grinder”. Check out if they really look like what they are named during the cruise.
Yulong River
The exquisite Yulong River looks like a photo of the Li River, because the sizes of the Yulong River itself, the bridges on the river and hills and villages along the river are all smaller than the Li River. Bamboo raft cruises, cycling and hiking are popular ways to admire the river view.
West Street
Built in 1647 AD, the West Street has been the center of Yangshuo for over 400 years. Most shops on this street were initially designed by Chinese people but decorated in Western style. Both domestic and international tourists like to take a stroll on this historical street.

Travel tips: The Impression Liusanjie is good option for your night activity. It is a dancing and music show displayed on a stage on a river. Feel free to let us know if you want to see it.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Yangshuo

Day 9  Guilin Karst Cave

After breakfast, you will drive back to Guilin for half day’s tour. Your tour guide will help you board on your plane to Shanghai after today’s tour

Elephant Trunk Hill
There is an old legend saying that the Elephant Trunk Hill was actually a sacred elephant sent by the god to stop the Li River flooding the city of Guilin. The hill does look like an elephant, but you may think it is lovely rather than sacred.
Reed Flute Cave
Being available to tourists since 1962, the Reed Flute Cave is a must-visit places in the city of Guilin. It is paradise for tourists who like karst views. Every stalactite and stalagmite in the cave look so vivid when the colorful neon lights are on.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Shanghai

Day 10  Shanghai Highlights
Shanghai Museum
Like most museums in China, tourists can admire the 1.02 million pieces of ancient relics in Shanghai Museum without paying entrance fee. There are 17 exhibition halls in the museum. The bronze vessels are the major exhibits in these halls.
Yu Garden
Yu Garden is a classic ancient Chinese garden. The area of Yu Garden is only about 20,000 square meters, but there are many rockeries, ancient trees, attic pavilions and theater in the Garden. The Yuyuan Market outside the garden is a good place to buy special crafts and souvenirs.
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in Shanghai, known as "China's First Street". Many of the buildings on the street were built in the early 20th century.
The Bund
The Bund, a landmark of Shanghai, is known as “gallery of international architecture.” There are more than 20 historical buildings with different styles standing on the 1.5 kilometers long Bund, and most of these buildings were built in the 19th century.
Shanghai World Financial Center
The 94th to 100th floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center enjoy a reputation of “Eyes of Shanghai”. The transparent glass floor and unique mirror reflection on the Eyes of Shanghai offer tourists an incredible sightseeing experience.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Shanghai

Day 11  Shanghai Fashion Tour
Tianzifang is one of Shanghai’s most charming and unmissable neighborhoods. It is rebuit from an old building complex with more than 50 years of history. After a unified planning and transformation, it has become a cultural and creative park.
Jade Buddha Temple
The Jade Buddha Temple is named after the a sitting and a reclining Jade Buddhas enshrined in it. The sitting Buddha is the treasure of the temple. It is 1.95 meters high and the major material of it is precious Burmese jade.

Hope you had a wonderful tour experience with us and wish you all the best!



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