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9 Days and 8 Nights Japan Peace Tour

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  • Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to learn about the pain of war
  • Marvel at the torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine on sea
  • Learn Japan’s culture and history in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo

Itinerary Day by Day

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Day 1  Arrival in Osaka

Welcome to Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. Yourtour guide will meet you at the Kansai Airport and accompany you to your hotelin Osaka by shuttle bus, which runs between 11:00 and 21:00. If your arrivaltime is beyond this time range, please go to your hotel on your own.


Accommodation:Hotel in Osaka

Day 2  Itsukushima Shrine

You will be transferred to Hiroshima for sightseeing today.

Itsukushima Shrine
The Itsukushima Shrine was built to worship the Three Goddesses in Japanese fairy stories. Its huge Torii Gate, which stands in the sea, is the landmark of the shrine. Due to its unique location and scenery, the shrine is regarded as the center of the Japanese religions.


Accommodation:Hotel in Hiroshima

Day 3  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

You will be transferred back to Osaka after visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
The park was built to remember the nuclear explosion committed by the American army. Every statue, poster, building and monument in the park remind people that they should never forget the pain of war, and peace is never easy to achieve.


Accommodation:Hotel in Osaka

Day 4  Osaka and Kyoto

You will visit the Black Gate Market and Castle Park in Osaka first, and then take a train to Kyoto to visit two religious sites.

Black Gate Market
Located in the central of Osaka, the Black Gate Market is local people’s must-go places. Seafood, fresh meat, vegetable, and fruit, every you need for cooking can be found here. It is a perfect place for tourists to learn about local culture.
Castle Park
With a history of 400 years, 13 ancient wood pavilions, gates and storehouses are the major attraction in the park. They were listed as National Historical Sites by the Japanese government. Entrance fee to the park is not included.
Initially built in 778 AD and listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1994, the Kiyomizu-Dera is the oldest temple in Kyoto. It is a good place to admire cherry blossom in spring and maple in autumn.
Fushimi-Inari Taisha
The Fushimi-Inari Taisha was built in the 8th century AD to worship the Inari God, who control the commerce in Japan. There are lots of statues of foxes in the Taisha, because local people believe foxes are the messengers for the Inari God. The torii gates behind the Taisha is a also a popular tourist attraction.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Kyoto

Day 5  Kyoto Highlights | Kyoto to Tokyo
Arashiyama is the most renowned scenic area in Kyoto, where there are countless ancient relics. Your tour guide will give you an insightful introduction to the most-visited ones.
Sagano Sightseeing Train
Although the Sagano Sightseeing Train’s operation distance is only 7.3 kilometers, it offers tourists the best viewpoint to admire the bamboo forests, Togetsukyo Bridge and Tenryuji Temple.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Kyoto

Day 6  Fuji Mountain

You will visit Fuji Mountain, the most sacred place in Japan, and then go to Tokyo to visit the Tokyo Tower and Shibuya, where is recommended for dinner and shopping.

Fuji Mountain
With an altitude of 3775.63 meters, the Fuji Mountain is the highest mountain and the most sacred place in Japan. The mountain is an active volcano, which has been sleeping for over 300 years. In order to pray for safety, local people built a temple at the foot of the mountain. Your guide will find the best place to admire the mountain for you.
Oshino Hakkai
The Oshino Hakkai, with a history of over 1200 years, is the name of eight springs near the Fuji Mountain. The most beautiful village sceneries in Japan can be seen in this area.
Tokyo Tower
Standing on the 249.9 meters high observation terrace, tourists can have a bird view of Tokyo City. During a clear day, even the Fuji Mountain is visible. Entrance fee to the tower is not included.



Day 7  Go to Hakone
Nijo Castle
Initially built in 1603, the Nijo Castle was the symbol of the power of the Edo Shogunate. The decoration of the castle is even more luxury than the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
Gion has been the largest Geisha area since 1665. Thousands of Geshias are working in the teahouses in this area. Many teahouses have a history of over 200 years.
Yasaka Shrine
There are over 3000 Yasaka Shrine in Japan. The one in signature Yasaka Shrine. The sacrificial activities in the shrine are very famous.

Today, go to a hotel in Hakone, where you will have a substantial dinner and take a hot spring bath.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner

Accommodation:Hotel in Hakone

Day 8  Hakone to Tokyo

Today, you will go to Hakone, well-known for unspoiled nature, onsen (hot springs), and traditional ryokans. Settle into a local hotel and spend the rest of today at leisure. Get back to Tokyo.

Meals:Breakfast   Lunch   

Accommodation:Hotel in Tokyo

Day 9  Tokyo City Tour
Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace was the emperors’ residence between 1888 and 1948. There is a big garden in the palace, where tourist can see many historical houses and colorful plants. During cherry blossom season, many tourists admire the blossom here.
Nujiubashi Bridge
Located in front of the gate of the Imperial Palace, the Nujiubashi Bridge is built above the moat of the Imperial Palace. It was a one-floor bridge when it was initially built, and later, another floor was built because the initial bridge was too close to the moat.
Senso-Ji Temple
The Senso-Ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo. Thousands of local people pray for good luck here every year, so it is the best place to learn about Japanese culture. There are lots of festivals in the temple, so you can celebrate with local people whenever you go.
Tokyo Skytree
Standing 634 meters above the horizon, the Tokyo Skytree is the second highest skyscraper in the world. The 450-meter high observation terrace is the best place to have an aerial view of the Tokyo City.


Accommodation:Hotel in Shinjuku Area, Tokyo

Day 10  Japan Departure

Your tour guide will help you board a bus to the airport after breakfast. The transfer fee is at your own expense.

Thank you for traveling around Japan with us. There are still many interesting places in Japan. Hope you like our service and let us arrange another Japan tour for you in future. Best wishes!



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