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Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka is a tropical island country with very hot weather throughout the year. Because its terrain is like a water drop, it is called the tears of God and the pearls of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is one of the members of the Commonwealth. Sri Lanka in Sinhala means happy land or bright affluent land, because of the production of gems, it is also known as the gem kingdom. Sri Lanka used to known as Ceylon, Lion Country, and Sinhala in the ancient time. According to its beautiful waterfront, mysterious ancient city, rich natural resources, and unique and charming culture, it is considered by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island. Sri Lanka’s economy is dominated by agriculture, and Ceylon black tea is world-famous and an important export product of the country. Sri Lanka is also one of the top three tea producing countries in the world.

Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka has a tropical monsoon climate, the average maximum temperature in most areas can reach more than 30 degrees, while the average temperature in mountain areas is about 26 degrees. There are no obvious four seasons in Sri Lanka, only the difference between the seasons is rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from May to August, November and February. The dry season is from December to March of the following year. Sri Lanka's peak tourist season is after Christmas, and a large number of European tourists will come here to spend the winter. In addition, July to August is also Sri Lanka's peak tourist season, and the grand Buddha Tooth Festival is also held during this period.

Dressing Guide

Sri Lanka is in the tropics, with a hot climate and strong ultraviolet rays, so the sun protection products are essential. Sri Lanka has two rainy seasons each year affected by the monsoon, so it is best to prepare for the rain every day, carry an umbrella with you is a good idea. Besides, you must respect the local customs and do not wear exposed clothes when you visit temples.

Sri Lanka's Four Seasons:

Rainy season in South Coast: June to August

Dry season in South Coast: October to March of the following year

Rainy season in North Coast: September to March of the following year

Dry season in North Coast: April to August

Sri Lanka Tours FAQ

  • Is there anything to be aware of when traveling in Sri Lanka?

    In Sri Lanka, nodding means no, shaking your head means yes. They taboo use the left hand to pass things or food, and regard the left hand as dirty. Therefore, it is extremely impolite to deliver items to them with the left hand. Sri Lankan monks forbid alcohol; they don’t like mushrooms either. Sri Lankan Muslims ban pork and use pig products.

  • When is the best time to travel?

    Anytime is a good time to visit Sri Lanka! As a year-round destination, it has two monsoons, which appear in different areas of the island at different times. After learning more about your preferences, our travel consult will suggest certain travel times. For the West Coast and South Coast, the generally favorable months are December-March, and for the ancient city and the East Coast, it is usually April-September. The northeast monsoon is usually from November to March, and the southwest monsoon is from June to October.

  • Is Sri Lanka a safe country?

    For decades, Sri Lanka was battling political unrest. A civil-war between Tamil insurgents and the Sinhalese government almost destroyed the tourism industry. The riots have ended and a peaceful environment has been restored. As with any international travel, be aware of your surroundings. Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach, the balconies or terraces. Be cautious in markets and in open areas with crowds to avoid pickpockets.

  • Is Sri Lanka an ideal destination for children?

    Sri Lanka is a child-friendly country. People make a special effort to make children happy. Hotels and guest houses often have family rooms. Children are well-catered for in restaurants. Baby food and nappies are available in supermarkets, though baby bottles are harder to find. Bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. The main highlight for children is, inevitably, the beaches and all the delights that go with them. However, there are other attractions: A winding train journey into the hill country, the elephant orphanage in Pinnawela and the Dehiwela Zoo in Colombo. If you want your children to play safely while you eat or shop in Colombo, there are play areas in Odel, Urban Kitchen, and Cheers Pub, Cinnamon Grand.

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