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Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka is a tropical island country with very hot weather throughout the year. Because its terrain is like a water drop, it is called the tears of God and the pearls of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is one of the members of the Commonwealth. Sri Lanka in Sinhala means happy land or bright affluent land, because of the production of gems, it is also known as the gem kingdom. Sri Lanka used to known as Ceylon, Lion Country, and Sinhala in the ancient time. According to its beautiful waterfront, mysterious ancient city, rich natural resources, and unique and charming culture, it is considered by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island. Sri Lanka’s economy is dominated by agriculture, and Ceylon black tea is world-famous and an important export product of the country. Sri Lanka is also one of the top three tea producing countries in the world.

Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka has a tropical monsoon climate, the average maximum temperature in most areas can reach more than 30 degrees, while the average temperature in mountain areas is about 26 degrees. There are no obvious four seasons in Sri Lanka, only the difference between the seasons is rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from May to August, November and February. The dry season is from December to March of the following year. Sri Lanka's peak tourist season is after Christmas, and a large number of European tourists will come here to spend the winter. In addition, July to August is also Sri Lanka's peak tourist season, and the grand Buddha Tooth Festival is also held during this period.

Dressing Guide

Sri Lanka is in the tropics, with a hot climate and strong ultraviolet rays, so the sun protection products are essential. Sri Lanka has two rainy seasons each year affected by the monsoon, so it is best to prepare for the rain every day, carry an umbrella with you is a good idea. Besides, you must respect the local customs and do not wear exposed clothes when you visit temples.

  • Join in this 6 days and 5 nights tour to visit the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, including the Old Parliament Building, Temple of the Tooth, and Galle Ancient Town and Castle.

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  • Join in this 8 days and 7 nights tour to explore the Buddhist highlights, local villages, top beaches, and wild world in Sri Lanka. We let you see a real Sri Lanka.

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  • Join this 9 days and 8 nights tour to learn about the history, culture, religions, and wildlife in Sri Lanka, experiencing the most authentic Peal of the India Ocean.

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  • Sri Lanka, the teardrop-shaped nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is a land full of ancient culture and natural beauty. During this 12-day holiday, you can step into the Dambulla cave temples, climb up the Lion Rock, pray inside the Temple of the S

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  • If you are an outdoor enthusiast and have a dream of watching whales, then the 12-day package must be must be what you are looking for. You can not only see the most classic attractions including the Lion Rock, Cave Temples, Temple of the Tooth, Galle For

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  • In addition to ruins of ancient Lankan civilization and historical sites of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Kandy, this tour will bring more than you expected. Visit tea plantation, trek to the World’s End in Horton Plains, wild animal s

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  • If you are interested in learning about different cultures, this Sri Lanka trip is perfect for you. From the Buddhism culture in the religious city of Kandy to the historic Galle Fort with colorful history, immerse in the timeless culture of Sri Lanka on

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  • During this 19-day trip, you will visit Nepal, famous for its stunning mountain views and historic temples and stupas; Bhutan, the Kingdom of happiness, where the traditional lifestyle is meticulously preserved; India, a nation of contrast steeped in colo

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  • India's splendid architecture, fascinating culture, Sri Lanka's sacred Buddhist temples, sprawling tea plantations…This 15-day tour will take you to see the best India and Sri Lanka has to offer. Prepare to be enchanted.

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