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Learn about the sacred Buddhism and hike on the giant snow mountains in the Himalaya Kingdom.
Nepal Tours

Nepal Tours

Nepal is a paradise for tourists. Since Nepal opened its borders to the outside world in the 1950s, this small country has called for countless travelers to come and explore. A large number of tourists are attracted by the trekking routes of the Himalayas and choose various popular routes for trekking. Here is a place to slow down and appreciate slowly, come to Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, stroll in the courtyards and medieval squares, admire the alternation of red bricks and join the ranks of pilgrims. Driving a motorcycle, rafting or taking a bus, Nepal will bring you breathtaking scenery.

Best Time to Go

Peak season: October to November is the beginning of the dry season. In many ways, it is the best time of the year: the climate is mild, the air is clean, and the visibility is high. It is also the peak season for local tourism and mountaineering.

Normal season: February to April is the end of the dry season, which is also a good season: because of the accumulation of dust in the air, visibility is not very high, but the weather is warm and many wild flowers bloom.

Low season: From December to January of the following year, the climate and visibility are good, but it is relatively cold. For hikers, you must be well prepared, because this season often encounters snowy days. In addition, May and early June are too hot and the air is dirty; from mid-June to September, the monsoon climate makes the mountain peaks covered by clouds and fog, and the roads are full of mud.


There are more than 300 various festivals throughout Nepal every year. Few countries spend so much effort on festivals like Nepal. Nepalese spend almost one-third of their time in festivals every year.

Holi:The most colorful and joyful festival in Nepal. It is held in late November (March) in the Gregorian calendar and lasts for 7 days. During the festival, apart from sprinkling red powder on the faces or heads of the family members, they bless each other. Whether people know each other or not, they can throw pink powder on each other when walking on the street. In recent years, people have not only sprinkled red powder, but also used water guns and balloons filled with red liquid. If you are drenched into a red soup chicken, don't be angry, because Nepalese regard red love as a symbol of good luck.

Dashain :Nepal’s grandest and longest festival is held every year in June of the Nepalese calendar (from September to October in the Gregorian calendar) and has a national holiday of 10-15 days. Just like the Chinese New Year, the whole country is celebrated with great excitement. "Desai" means "tenth". This festival is said to have magnetism with the Indian epic "Ramayan". In the epic, Rama defeated the King Raksha on the tenth day with the help of the goddess of inaccessibility. During the Desai Festival, there are many specialties such as "setting holy pots" and "taking god flowers", and it is difficult for people to sacrifice animals to sacrifice to the mother goddess. The night of the ninth day is called the "Night of the Desai Festival", and the tenth day is called the "tenth day of victory".

BuddhJayanti :A festival commemorating the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni. Held every year in late January (May in Gregorian calendar). The celebrations in Lumbini and Kathmandu are the most eye-catching. On the eve of the festival, the monks and pilgrims who went to Lumbini to make pilgrimage included not only believers from Nepal, but also Buddhists from China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Korea, Japan and other parts of the world. On the day of the festival, the monks in Lumbini will carry the jade statue of the Buddha and hold a grand and enthusiastic parade. In Kathmandu, thousands of people gathered under Swayambhu for a grand celebration.

GhodaJatra :The hottest festival in Kathmandu in spring is held at the end of December (3-4 months in the Gregorian calendar). The celebration was held at Tondir Square in the center of Kathmandu. Living goddesses, kings, queens and the Royal Cavalry will all appear. During the festival, horse racing, equestrian and motorcycle performances will be held, and occasional military parades will be held.

Nepal's Four Seasons

Dry season: October-May of the following year

Rainy season: May to September

Nepal Tours FAQ

  • When is the best time to go Nepal?

    The best tourist's season in Nepal with the summer gone by and the winter to set is Autumn (mid September-November). The weather is highly pleasant so are the mountain views. While Spring season (March-May) is also considered as good season. The temperature is mildly warm in low lands while moderate in higher altitudes with plenty of opportunities to have tryst with the mountain views. It is also the time for flowers to blossom and the national flower of Nepal – rhododendron sweeps the ascending altitudes with its magnanimous color and beauty. Winter season (January-February) is also recommended for tours, safari and low altitudes trek below 4000m.

  • What is Nepal known for?

    Nepal is Known for Mt. Everest, highest peak in the world and Lord Buddha, who was the pioneer of Buddhist religion. Besides, among 14 eight thousand meters cross mountains in the world, eight are located in this naturally beautiful country. Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing expeditions with the identification of more than one thousand peaks above 6,000 meters .Trekking through the Everest region offers astounding mountain views, an opportunity to take a glimpse into the life of world heritage sites, discovering variety of Himalayan flora and faunas, and an opportunity to explore the highest Buddhist monasteries in the world.

  • Can I trek in the Nepal even if I haven't done any trekking before?

    Absolutely, in fact it's a great place to start. As part of our job, one of the most important things we do is ascertain your experience and ambitions, and find the trek to best match these. However hard or easy you'd like it, however much or little experience you have, we have the perfect trek for you.

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