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Welcome to Laos, the Roof of Indochina. The country looks like a lost paradise.
Laos Tours

Laos Tours

Laos is deep inland in Southeast Asia, 80% of its territory is mountainous and plateau, which is mostly covered by forests, Laos is known as the "Indochina roof". The beautiful natural scenery and poverty and simple life make Laos like a lost paradise. The Luang Prabang and Pakse Wap Temple have been included in the list of world cultural heritage. The famous attractions in Laos are Vientiane Pagoda Luang, Jade Buddha Temple, Champa Saikonbu Waterfall, Luang Prabang Guangxi Waterfall and so on. There are 777.4 kilometers of Mekong River in Laos passes through Laos’ largest industrial and commercial city, Vientiane. The city of Vientiane is the capital of Laos, which presents a crescent shape and is also known as the “Moon City”.

The Best Time to Visit

Laos has a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of about 24 degrees. There is plenty of precipitation in Laos, the average annual precipitation is about 2000 mm, and because of the heavy rainfall, the air in Laos is fresh. May to October is the rainy season in Laos, usually the weather is hot during the day in the middle and late May, and there are often thunderstorms. If you travel during this time, it is best to bring rain gear with you. The dry season is from November to April, which is also the winter in Laos. During this period, the climate is cool and pleasant, and there is little rainfall, which is suitable for traveling.

Lao's Four Seasons

Dry season: November-April of the following year

Rainy season: May-October

Laos Tours FAQ

  • What is Laos cuisine?
    • Sticky rice (Khao Niaw) Sticky rice is a staple throughout the country.
    • Minced Meat Salad (Larb)
    • Green Papaya Salad (Tam Mak Hoong)
    • Steamed Fish (Mok Pa)
    • Baguette Paté (Khao Jii Paté)
    • Wet Noodles (Khao Piak Sen)
    • Crispy Rice Salad (Naem Khao Tod)
    • Lao Sausages (Sai Uah, Sai Gok)
  • Besides visiting the temple, what else can I do in Vientiane?

    Patuxai is the most anticipated building in Vientiane. It was built to commemorate those who fought to predict independence from France. Talat Sao is also called the morning market by the locals. It is a comprehensive grocery market, with everything from household appliances to tourist souvenirs, enough to meet the daily needs of the local people, and also attracts many tourists to come to purchase goods. Mekong Night Market: There are a lot of snacks and handicrafts. In the evening, there will be many people doing aerobics and night running in the square together.

  • What are the main attractions in Vientiane?
    • Pat That Luang :The most important national monument of Laos
    • Haw Pha Kaew:The splendid Buddhist temple, the exquisite and detailed carvings are intriguing
    • Buddha Park:A new type of temple that combines Buddhism, Hinduism and philosophy
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