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Visit the historical Xian to see the miraculous Terracotta Army and other essence of ancient relics.
Xian Tours

Xi’an Tours

There have been residents in Xi’an and its surrounding area for 7000 years. The city of Xian has a history of 3100 years. Furthermore, Xian had been the capital of China for 1100 years. So, taking a Xian tour is the best way to learn about the history of China.

As the east end of the ancient Silk Road, Xian was the place where ancient western and Chinese culture get blended. The Buddhist temples and mosques in Xian are the best proof of the friendship between Chinese and western people.

Top Xian Attractions

Terracotta Army – It is almost every local people’s most recommended attraction. In order to keep his power after death, Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of feudal China, built this underground army over 2000 year ago.

Ancient City Wall – Most ancient city wall sections in Xian were built around 700 years ago. Tourists can hike or cycle on the historical city wall to admire the ancient city area of Xian.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda – It is a typical Buddhist pagoda. The statues of Buddhas and other Buddhist relics are the essence in this 7-storey pagoda.

Muslim Quarter – Thousands of local restaurants are opened in this area. Barbeques and noodles are popular food. Besides, you can buy some souvenirs, such as shadow play set, paper cuttings, and traditional paintings there.

Best time to travel in Xian

March to July - Xi'an is warm and dry in spring, with beautiful natural ecology, which makes Xian an ideal tourist destination.

September to November - The cool autumn is suitable for visiting the historical sites in Xi’an. Tombs of the emperors, the ancient city wall, the Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas, and hiking are all good options.

Xi’an Tours FAQ

  • What Can I Eat in Xian?

    Flatbread in mutton soup,Kabob ,Xian meat burger,Cold noodles,Glutinous rice and date cake…are all Xian specialties.

  • When is the best time to visit Xian?

    Generally speaking, as long as it does not rain heavily, Xi'an is suitable for visiting all year round. The best time to go there is spring and autumn, which are March to July and mid-September to early November. As one of the most popular tourist cities in China, another factor you need to consider is the peak season. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid visiting Xian during public holidays, such as Labor Day holidays (3 days before and after May 1), National Day holidays (October 1-7), and Spring Festival (late January or early February).

  • What are the Terracotta Warriors?

    Those terracotta warriors and horses were made about 2,200 years ago. They are life-size terracotta warriors to defend the army of Qin Shihuang (which was the first emperor in Chinese history). Those warriors and horses were discovered in March 1974.

  • What should I take along with when visiting Xian?

    It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes. There is no doubt that you need to walk a lot, so you must wear comfortable shoes. It is recommended to use sunscreen and bring bottled water with you. If you are a photography enthusiast, please don't forget the camera.