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Asia Odyssey Travel, headquartered in China, is a leading and rapidly developing online Asia travel agency. We have been specialized in Asia and China tours for 13 years, offering all inclusive trips with best prices! Aiming at providing the best service in different destinations in China and other Asia countries, no matter you go with our classic private tours, small-sized group tours, or take tailor-made trips, Asia Odyssey Travel will guarantee to take care of you every step, and present you worry-free, unforgettable and unique trips in your lifetime.

At Asia Odyssey Travel, our whole team of travel experts with decades of first-hand experience, have carefully designed trips to over 100+ destinations in China, including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin/Yangshuo, Chengdu,Tibet, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan and so on. Meanwhile, we provide best tour packages to other Asia countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, and Japan. Every year, we will serve more than 8 thousand tourists to visit China and Asia. Come with us and fulfill your dreams!

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We are thankful so much again to our agency Asia Odyssey Travel and my dear Amy for the wonderful arrangement and make my trip to Mt Kailash trip possible, really apperiated! I really miss Tibet also my dear, hope we will come and see you one day again, many thanks again for all of your help!!!

- Josephus F from Melbourne Australia

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Good News for China Travel:

China has reopened for travel and you can enter China now without quarantine. China tourism and attractions have been getting recovered in the year of 2023. It is safe to travel in China. Now, it is the best time to start planning your tours to China. Contact us to tell any of your ideas and interests.

Best China Group Tours in 2023/2024
Traveling in small-sized group to see China is quite different - you will be united by the same desire with 2~12 like-minded travelers to travel and share feeling all around China. The following are the 3 best China group tours ranging from 6 to 15 days. All are with stable departures in 2023 and 2024. It allows for an intimate exploration of some of China’s most exciting destinations. Most importantly, you can enjoy cheap prices for the same level experience. Select your favored trip and travel date below!
8 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Small Group Tour
Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
What’s your impression on China? What do you want to do for your first time to China? This 8 day Beijing, Xian, Shanghai tour is the most classic itinerary among all the China tours. Traveling thro...
2023 Stable Departures:
2023-04-01 to 2023-04-08 Select
2023-04-15 to 2023-04-22 Select
2023-04-29 to 2023-05-06 Select
2023-05-13 to 2023-05-20 Select
2023-05-27 to 2023-06-03 Select
2023-06-10 to 2023-06-17 Select
2023-06-24 to 2023-07-01 Select
2023-07-08 to 2023-07-15 Select
2023-07-22 to 2023-07-29 Select
2023-08-05 to 2023-08-12 Select
2023-08-19 to 2023-08-26 Select
2023-09-02 to 2023-09-09 Select
2023-09-16 to 2023-09-23 Select
2023-09-30 to 2023-10-07 Select
2023-10-14 to 2023-10-21 Select
2023-10-28 to 2023-11-04 Select
2023-11-11 to 2023-11-18 Select
2023-11-25 to 2023-12-02 Select
2023-12-09 to 2023-12-16 Select
2023-12-23 to 2023-12-30 Select
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10 Days Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai Small Group Tour
Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai
Take this 10-day small group China tour, you will visit the four most stunning destinations in China - Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai. For first-timers to China, you’ll fully get a general impr...
2023 Stable Departures:
2023-04-01 to 2023-04-10 Select
2023-04-15 to 2023-04-24 Select
2023-04-29 to 2023-05-08 Select
2023-05-13 to 2023-05-22 Select
2023-05-27 to 2023-06-05 Select
2023-06-10 to 2023-06-19 Select
2023-06-24 to 2023-07-03 Select
2023-07-08 to 2023-07-17 Select
2023-07-22 to 2023-07-31 Select
2023-08-05 to 2023-08-14 Select
2023-08-19 to 2023-08-28 Select
2023-09-02 to 2023-09-11 Select
2023-09-16 to 2023-09-25 Select
2023-09-30 to 2023-10-09 Select
2023-10-14 to 2023-10-23 Select
2023-10-28 to 2023-11-06 Select
2023-11-11 to 2023-11-20 Select
2023-11-25 to 2023-12-04 Select
2023-12-09 to 2023-12-18 Select
2023-12-23 to 2024-01-01 Select
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15 Days Classic China, Panda & Holy Tibet Tour in Small Group
Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa - Shanghai
It is just ONE LIFE. Seize the chance and do something worthwhile. Traveling in diverse China in the special year of 2023, you might have different unique things wish to experience. How about explor...
2023 Stable Departures:
2023-04-01 to 2023-04-15 Select
2023-04-15 to 2023-04-29 Select
2023-04-29 to 2023-05-13 Select
2023-05-13 to 2023-05-27 Select
2023-05-27 to 2023-06-10 Select
2023-06-10 to 2023-06-24 Select
2023-06-24 to 2023-07-08 Select
2023-07-08 to 2023-07-22 Select
2023-07-22 to 2023-08-05 Select
2023-08-05 to 2023-08-19 Select
2023-08-19 to 2023-09-02 Select
2023-09-02 to 2023-09-16 Select
2023-09-16 to 2023-09-30 Select
2023-09-30 to 2023-10-14 Select
2023-10-14 to 2023-10-28 Select
2023-10-28 to 2023-11-11 Select
2023-11-11 to 2023-11-25 Select
2023-11-25 to 2023-12-09 Select
2023-12-09 to 2023-12-23 Select
2023-12-23 to 2024-01-06 Select
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Top China Tour Packages with Best Prices
China is large and diverse with over 100 tourist destinations. You may feel it is difficult to decide where to go and what to do for your first visit to China. The first time experience in China are important, and you should visit the best classic destinations with iconic attractions, experience all the must-dos for memorable holiday. The tours below will give you an idea of what's possible if you travel with us. Our tours are always designed to help you experience authentic China. Feel free to customize any tour to incorporate your preferred destinations, interests and schedule.
China Tour to Tibet
Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chengdu - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai
17 Days
8 Places
China is a vast country which many diverse cultures and stunning landscapes. In 17 days, you can discover many different parts of China - all highlights in one trip. Start in Beijing and end in Shan...
View Details
Yangtze Three Gorges
Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze - Yichang - Shanghai
Relaxing Holiday
13 Days
7 Places
This 13 days China tour takes you experience AMAZING CHINA in private way! This tour is one of our best-selling China tours chosen by most travelers who come to China for the first time. Start in Be...
View Details
Guilin Li River Scenery
Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai
Iconic Essentials
10 Days
4 Places
What does a Classic China tour mean to you? It definitely should be all the destinations, attractions and experiences are the must-see and must-dos. This 10 days tour is the most popular China tour ...
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China Tour to Shanghai
Beijing - Shanghai
Short Trip
6 Days
2 Places
Beijing, the capital of China, is located at the northern tip of the North China Plain. While, Shanghai, the economic capital of China, is situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River. With a rich his...
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Tibet Tour to Mount Everest
Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa
8 Days
5 Places
It is just ONE LIFE. How about making a life-time trip to the Roof of the World to explore the holy palaces, Buddhist temples and sacred mountains? The most classic itinerary is the 8-day Lhasa to E...
View Details
Cute Pandas at Chengdu Panda Base
Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Shanghai
Iconic Essentials
10 Days
4 Places
Now, it could be the best time to plan your next vacation to China. The imperial Forbidden City, the magnificent Great Wall, the world-discovery Terracotta Warriors, the adorable Giant Pandas - Chin...
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Asia Odyssey Travel, Your Way
Feel free to select yours from our most recommended China tours 2023/2024, China tours from popular gateway cities or focus your interest on the trip themes. Go your own way!
Asia Odyssey Travel & China Tours
Best China Tours
Check our well-designed top 10 tours with best prices for first time travel to China.
Asia Odyssey Travel & China Tours
China Tours from Beijing
20 itineraries from Beijing to Xian, Chengdu, Lhasa/Tibet with diverse experience.
Asia Odyssey Travel & China Tours
Tours from Shanghai
15 itineraries from Shanghai to explore Zhangjiajie, Yangtze, Guilin, Huangshan, etc.
Tour Best Stunning China Destinations & Amazing Cities
Asia Odyssey Travel has short trips to over 100+ destinations in China, that travelers can fully visit one destination to see its iconic sights within 2 to 5 days, or have in-depth exploration in and around for deep insight and memorable experience. The following are the 8 most popular destinations to travel in 2023/2024 and you can pick your favored city tours to get different kinds of itineraries to meet your different travel needs. Each destination offers detailed travel guide, including top attractions, best things to do, transportation plan, hotels, maps. Just find your way for discovery!
Travel to Asia Destinations by Countries
Asia is the world’s largest and most diverse continent. With long history, it is home to some of the world’s oldest brilliant cultures, fascinating architectures, beautiful natural landscape, delicious food and friendly locals. Travelers can explore from fast-paced, exciting Bangkok to Tokyo to the picturesque beaches and island at Halong Bay - fun is everywhere when you are on an Asia tour.Each region is different; with a cuisine, culture and history all just as fascinating as the next. Our Asia tour packages has covered 17 countries, including,Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Join us on a memorable vacation in Asia and let Asia Odyssey Travel bring you insider experiences and magical moments you just won’t find anywhere else. Pick your favorite destination now!
Latest & Useful Travel Guide to Plan Your Tours in China & Asia
Wonder where to go and what to do in Asia? Still hesitate to book a tour to your favored Asian countries and destinations? You can do some work before taking a trip. Asia Odyssey Travel are working hard and trying to provide travelers latest travel information, expert advice, travel guides, destination information and inspiration. Select from numerous travel articles and focus your interests to plan a better trip! Get inspired now!
Meet with Our Experts
Our team of professional travel consultants have traveled to major tourist destinations in China and other Asia countries. They know every detail about the itineraries and tour arrangements, and they have decades of first-hand travel experiences to share. No matter you want to talk directly to quickly solve your questions, or get detailed answers via email, you can select your way to help. Contact us today to have all of your questions answered, we're here to help 24/7.
What Our Travelers Say about Their Trips to Asia & China?
Our customers’ reviews about their China and Asia trips are the best testimonies. Each review gives us energy to move forward. You can browse the recent reviews and opinions on tour arrangements, tour guides, drivers/cars, attractions, dining, hotels... And, you can learn from their detailed itineraries for further planning your tour!
“Excellent tour, best experience! ”
The best experience I have! I have booked for a family trip (my elder mother+2 toddlers kids+me and my sister=5 persons). We came from France to Bangkok to Bhutan. Our tour person Mr.Tony Yin is a professional and efficient person. He makes sure all things go smoothly and he replies my WhatsApp messages each time when necessary.
China Tour Review

Visited Bhutan

Reviewed on Nov. 2022

“Great company to travel to Bhutan and Nepal!”
I booked my trip to Bhutan and Nepal and I am impressed by the client service and how available they were for me. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a travel company to assist you to travel to Bhutan and/or Nepal. The itinerary they propose is varied, and helps you to enjoy a great trip.
China Tour Review

Visited Nepal, Bhutan

Reviewed on Nov. 2022

“Worth it!!!”
My experience was absolutely amazing. We had been planning a 10 day private tour of China. We made several changes to the initial proposed itinerary which were made quickly and easily. I also thought the value of the tour we planned was excellent. I really enjoyed my experience there and would definitely visit it again.
China Tour Review

Visited Beijing, Xian,

Guilin and Shanghai

Reviewed on Jun. 2021