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Top China Spring Destinations, Recommended Spring Tourist Destinations in China

Written by Asia Odyssey Travel|Updated: 2023-09-27

Spring is a time for resurrection. The climate is becoming milder and the plants are growing to their best colors and shapes of a year. Tourism is also getting more prosperous. You can see the top spring sceneries in the destinations recommended as below. If you want to visit China in spring (March to May), it is suggested to add a couple of these destinations to your schedule.

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  • triangleNyingchi – Peach Blossom Festival
  • triangleLongji Terraced Fields – Plowing Festival
  • triangleLi River – Enjoy the Tender Rain
  • triangleLuoyang – Peony Culture Festival
  • triangleWuyuan – Paradise of Cole Flowers
  • triangleWest Lake – The Extension of Ancient Romance
  • triangleJinan – The City of Spring

Nyingchi – Peach Blossom Festival

The Peach Blossom Festival is one of the grandest events in Tibet in spring. The date of the festival varies depending on the times of blossoming. Normally, the festival begins between middle and late March and only lasts for one month. Almost all the flowers wither away in early May.

You may have heard that Tibet is the “Roof of the World”, but the altitudes of many parts in Nyingchi are lower than 3000 meters. So, most tourists will not have any symptoms of altitude sickness in Nyingchi. However, there are not so many flights from other cities to Nyingchi, so you may need to go to Lhasa by flight or train first. The altitude of Lhasa is 3650 meters, so it is important to move slowly and take a good rest to lessen the altitude sickness.

Peach Blossom Festival

Peach Blossom Festival

Longji Terraced Fields – Plowing Festival

The Plowing Festival usually begins between late April and early May. Around 20 years ago, the purpose of the festival was to encourage local people to work harder in the upcoming planting season. Now, it is a grand tourist event. Both local people and their farm cattle will dress up to welcome tourists during the festival.

Tourists can see villagers transplanting rice seedings in fields and watch local performances, such as dragon dancing and folk songs. Some tourists like to work with villagers in the fields, but it is important not to disturb them too long.

Longji Plowing Festival

Longji Terraced Fields

Li River – Enjoy the Tender Rain

Mild climate, tender rain, and milky mist, you can see the typical spring of south China in Guilin. The most recommended tourist activity in spring in Guilin is taking a cruise on the Li River or hiking along the Li River. It is no need to open an umbrella during a rainy day in spring. Just let the tender rain falls on the body gently. Local people say the tender rain, along with the milky mist, make the hills and rivers even more beautiful.

Li River Cruise

Li River Cruise

Luoyang – Peony Culture Festival

Luoyang has been a popular place to admire the peony since ancient times. Many ancient poems were composed to praise the beauty of Luoyang’s peony. In Chinese people’s mind, peony is the symbol of prosperity and conscientiousness. That is why the local people named the event “Peony Culture Festival” rather than Peony Festival.

The festival is usually celebrated between April 5th and May 5th, during which the peonies are at their best time of a year. You can see the paintings and some dances about peony during the celebration. If you arrive in Luoyang in May, you can admire the peony in Mount Song, one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, because the flowers on mountains usually blossom later than the cities. After admiring peony, you can learn Chinese Kungfu in the Shaolin Temple which is located on the Song Mountain.

Louyang Peony Culture Festival

Louyang Peony Culture Festival

Wuyuan – Paradise of Cole Flowers

Wuyuan is one of the best places to admire the cole flowers in spring. The blossoming time for the cole flowers in Wuyuan only lasts around 10 days (March 10th to 20th). If you miss it, you have to plan another tour next year.

Due to the short blossoming time, thousands of tourists go to Wuyuan between March 10th and 20th. If you also go there in these 10 days, you may meet more people than flowers. Longchitai, a hidden village in the mountains near Wuyuan, is now the best place to admire the cole flowers. Even most local people do not know the village. However, it will become popular in next a few years. If you want to go, the earlier, the better!

Wuyuan Longtaichi Village

Longtaichi Village Wuyuan

West Lake – The Extension of Ancient Romance

Taking a boat ride on the West Lake is one of the most romantic activities in Hangzhou. You can decide where to go. If you are tired, it is ok to just take a nap on the boat. The climate is mild in spring, so it is very cosy to lie on a boat.

West Lake

Weat Lake

Jinan – The City of Spring

Jinan is the northmost place among the top spring destinations. Different from other south places, the sceneries of spring in Jinan is significantly different from winter.

In winter, you can only see the trees without any leaves and springs without any water. In spring, there is more rainfall and the water begins to spill out of the mouths of the springs.

The Baotu Spring is one of the Top Three Attractions in Jinan. Sometimes, it dries up due to little rainfall, but when the water roaring out of the spring mouths, it looks full of vigor. Local people believe it would be a good year if the spring is full of water.

Baotu Spring

Baotu Spring

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