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Travel to hot destinations in Asia to enjoy various cultures and sceneries.
Asia Tours

Asia Tours

Around five years ago, an old friend asked us “I have travel around China with you for three times, do you have anywhere else new?” What a question! We had never thought we could arrange tours to other countries. In order not to disappoint our old friends, we contacted a local travel agency in Japan, where we believe is one of the safest countries in Asia, so we could recommend it to our friend. Fortunately, we were right. Our friend had a happy Japan trip. We were also happy, even though we had no profit from this business due to some urgent change in schedule.

From then on, we realized that some of our customers really like us and are willing to travel to other places with us. As a China-based travel agency, we decided to develop more destinations around China. So, we sent our experienced travel advisor group to research those destinations.

After five years’ efforts, our Asia tour packages has covered 17 countries, including, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, Nepal, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam. By joining these packages, you will see the most astonishing highlights and learn about the most authentic culture and history of these Asian countries. Both our Chinese staff and our insightful partners in these countries will try their best to make you Asia tour unforgettable!

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Asia Tours

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