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  • A journey through Nepal and Bhutan will give you an unforgettable experience. Explore seven World Heritage Sites within the Kathmandu Valley, embrace the breathtaking nature in Pokhara, catch a glimpse of the Bhutanese's daily life, and be awed by the im

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  • If you are a fan of Lonely Planet, you will find Bhutan is listed as the number one country to travel in 2020. As a country that has never been colonized, its culture is excellently preserved and full of unique charm. Its location nearby the Himalayas add

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  • Bhutanese government's annual restriction on visitor numbers has never affected the Himalayan kingdom's position as a dreamland of global travelers for its untouched scenery, deep-rooted Buddhism beliefs, and the purest happiness from a carefully-preser

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  • Ancient heritage hidden in the Kathmandu Valley, kind people living the traditional way of life, exotic monastery hanging high on rocky cliff, markets abounded in vibrant colors, historic forts and palaces unfolding eternal stories…All of these are in thi

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  • During this 19-day trip, you will visit Nepal, famous for its stunning mountain views and historic temples and stupas; Bhutan, the Kingdom of happiness, where the traditional lifestyle is meticulously preserved; India, a nation of contrast steeped in colo

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