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Visit the highlights in Hong Kong – the Oriental Pearl, including the Victoria Harbor and peak, and Stanley Market.
Hong Kong Tours

Hong Kong Tours

The fierce collision between the British colonial customs for more than 150 years and the long-standing Eastern traditional culture has created the legend of Hong Kong, the "Asian World City". Today, this "reinforced concrete forest" still stands in the far southeast of China, bringing countless surprises to all travelers with its unique charm. Hong Kong is a paradise for shopaholics and gourmets, and is known as the "Pearl of the Orient" and "Shopping Paradise". However, it is not only prosperous here, but also market, nostalgia, freedom... The old stalls on the stone street, the pristine Hong Kong people in the Ding Ding bus, and the romance staged in Duddell Street remains the same. If you are willing to slow down, you will find another different Hong Kong

Main Attractions

Victoria Harbour: It is a harbour located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is the biggest in Asia and the third largest port in the world.

Open-air markets: There are many open-air markets in cities all over the world, but there are some open-air markets in Hong Kong that are not available elsewhere, such as Bird Garden, Highlights, Goldfish Street, Jade Market, Temple Street, Ladies’ Street, and Stanley Market.

Aberdeen: Aberdeen is a gathering place for Hong Kong fishing boats. The traditional fishing boats and the nearby mountainside are lined with modern tall buildings. The coexistence of two completely different scenery forms a deep contrast.

Best time to travel in Hongkong

The summer in Hong Kong is very hot. Basically, it has entered a period of extreme heat since the end of April. Travelers from the north will feel uncomfortable. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and sun protection. At the same time, Hong Kong’s indoor air-conditioning is very adequate in summer, so carry long-sleeved outerwear to avoid catching cold. Hong Kong is about to be affected by typhoons in summer. Pay attention to the local weather before traveling.

Hong Kong Tours FAQ

  • What's the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong?

    Here are the absolute best restaurants in Hong Kong: Tsui Wah Restaurant (Tsim Sha Tsui Branch), Kam Wah Cafe, Yee Shun Dairy Company, Luk Yu Tea House, Chee Kei(Tsimsha Tsui Shop).

  • What do I need to know before visiting Hong Kong?

    There are many places to visit, such as: Star Ferry: You can take a ride in Harbour City. Stay in the evening and sit on the Star Ferry to see the night view of Victoria Harbour. You can enjoy it. There is no need to buy the Victoria Harbour Tour. It’s not worth it. Just take a few Hong Kong dollars to sit in Wanchai or sit back on the other side and it’s OK. Citygate: It’s a discount store, there are a lot of big names, it’s really cheap, you can go shopping around Harbour City: it’s too big, the variety is very complete, if you go slowly, you have to go shopping ISA: in Harbour City, Specializes in big-name discounts, rich people go and see DFS: duty-free shops, my wife said that some of the cosmetics inside are very cheap. It is very convenient to use Octopus cards in Hong Kong. It is not necessary to buy them on Taobao. Buy them directly at Hong Kong Airport. Just fine.

  • Is Hong Kong safe for tourists?

    For travelers, tourists and expats, Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world. ... However, no place in the world can be 100% safe and Hong Kong is no fairy-tale land. To assure your personal safety in Hong Kong, you have to use some common sense to avoid becoming the victim of a petty crime.

  • What is a good souvenir from Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, electrical appliances, food, dry goods, etc. are very worth buying, and the price is also cheap. The Landmark Plaza in Central is a hub for global brands. The level of shopping malls in Central is also relatively high. Harbour City is home to a variety of brand-name flagship stores, and most of Harbour City cosmetics are cheaper than domestic ones. There are many shopping malls in Causeway Bay. All the high-end fashion items can be found here. SOGO is a good shopping department store with moderate prices. Salsa, Bonjour, and Dragon City Pharmacy are good places to buy low-end cosmetics, and the price is relatively cheap.