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How to Plan a Trip to China 2024/2025? (10 Easy Steps)

Written by Asia Odyssey Travel|Updated: 2024-06-27

Planning a tour to China? A land of awe-inspiring landscapes, rich history, and vibrant diverse culture. Yes, China is definitely worth a tour.

We are seeing many first-time travelers to China since China's new visitor-friendly visa policy in 2024. Being a tourist in China you might have many questions like, How to Plan a Tour to China? How many days to stay in China? What attractions to cover? How to travel around China? How to Plan a Tour to China for a week? What to eat and where to stay in China? Especially for the first trip to China China Travel Plan involves a whole lot of dazzling possibilities. .

That's why we have made you this all-inclusive guide on China Travel Plan. It's all the answers you need! Read on to find out exactly How to Plan a Tour to China!

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  • triangleChose By Themes to Travel in China:
  • triangleHow Many Days to Stay in China: 7 to 15 Days of China Travel Plan
  • triangleHow to apply for Chinese visas?
  • triangleIs it safe to travel around China?
  • triangleWhen to Travel to China?
  • triangleHow to travel around China?
  • triangleWhat to eat in China?
  • triangleHow about the hotels in China?
  • triangleWhat to buy in China?
  • triangleExplore China from Whole New Perspectives with AOT

How many days to stay and where to go?

Planning Tour to China might seem a bit of homework, yet it's one of the most rewarding task there is since it promise an one of the kind travel experience in China. With all the Top Attractions and Top Places in China.

Don't want to put in much thoughts on How to Plan a China Tour? We have you covered, read on to find out the made-ready China Travel Plan we curated for you!

China Travel Plan
China Travel Plan, All Inclusive Insights
China Travel Plan
Explore China, Travel Plan to Cover Every Iconic Attractions

Major Cities in China: Must-visit, then Build Itinerary from There

Generally speaking, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xian are the must-visit places for an international tourist. And of course there's a lot more to explore:

To explore China's Culture Diversity: Where lives Various ethnic minority groups, is recommended - Southwest China>

To see adorable pandas: Where famous Chengdu Panda Base is located with unique hot pot cuisines - Chengdu>

To wander through amazing landscapes: The Famous Salt Lake, Kekexili (Koh xil) Grassland natural reserve with biodiversity - Qinghai>

To dive in deep into the spiritual side of China: Tibet, Walk the Kora at Potala Palace or even -- Sacred Mountain of Kailash, See the sunrise on the Mount Everest! >>

The list goes on as China boasts vast landscape and diverse culture. So find your destination with our Curated List for Your China Trip. There would be Travel Itineraries with with more specific details in next part. So read on to find out more!

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Chose by Destinations in China:

Travel Plan Focusing on Attractions - China Tours with Curated Attractions & Routes>

Travel Plan to Round up major Chinese City - China City Tours | Find Local Tours in Each Destination >>

Focusing on the Spiritual Sacred Plateau of China - Tibet

Tour Guide is a must-hire for you Tibet Travel Plan according to regulations- Tibet (Xizang) Tours: Best Tibet Tour Packages >

China's magnificent Tibetan Plateau and vast inner-land - Link Tibet Plateau with Inner part of China >

China Travel Plan
Tashilumpo Monastery, Tibet, Spiritual Side of China
China Travel Plan
The Bund of Shanghai, Metroplis with Mixed Vibe in China

Chose By Seasons in China:

Spring: - Vibrant Blossom & More - China Spring Travel Plan »

Summer: - Not just Beach & Sun, so much more to explore - China Summer Travel Plan »

Autumn: - Biodiversity, Nature Scenery, Pleasant Weather - China Autumn Travel Plan »

Winter: - Fun, Festivals, Unique Snow Mountains - China Winter Travel Plan »

Year, Month - Chose by Month - 2024 China Travel Plan »

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Chose By Themes to Travel in China:

Family always comes first, in Travel Plan too - Family Tour »

Travel Plan Based on the Most Iconic China Attraction - The Great Wall & Beyond »

Plan Your China Travel with Most Adorable Creature on Earth: - Pandas! See Pandas up-close in China! »

China Travel Plan With Vast and diverse Landscapes: - Admire the Gift from Nature »

Yes, your China Travel Plan can have River Cruise - Beautiful Valleys, waters, mountains, botanic, Cruise along the Yangtze River »

Plan your China Travel like ancient merchants and adventurers: walk the Silk Road that links Asia Middle east and Europe »

Railway Fans Must Do: - Railway China Travel Plan »

Kungfu Fans Routes: - Kungfu Adventure Travel Plan in China »

Capture Amazing Landscapes with Camera: - Photography China Travel Plan »

Plan your Travel in China with Gourmets: - China Food Tours »

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China Travel Plan
Plan a Tour to China, See Nyingchi Peach Flower in Spring
China Travel Plan
Your China Travel Plan Covering Cuisines

How Many Days to Stay in China: 7 to 15 Days of China Travel Plan

With China's New Visa Policy visiting China and staying longer to extend your China Trip is easier than Ever! Why not stay longer and make the most of your China Trip? 7 to 15 Days is more ideal to cover the major attractions in China. Here are some straight forward travel itineraries, all made-ready, hassle free and with popular routes.

For 8 Days, Fist time traveler's choice: This 8 days China tour to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai - No.1 best selling tour chosen by most first-time travelers

For 10 Days, Classic Route with Must-visits: Travel Plan covering all the iconic China attraction - 10 Days Classic China Tour to Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai

For 13 Days, Best Selling All-inclusive Tour: Panoramic Travel Plan - 13 Days Amazing China Tour with Beautiful Guilin & the Yangtze

More Options Sorted by Length of Your Travel Plan

8 Days @ Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai: Let's spend more time and do it in one go with Top China Attractions - 8 Days Bejing Xian Shanghai Group Tour >>

9 Days For Culture Explorer: Let's visit traditional Suzhou Gardens and the Metroplis of Shanghai which are the Top Places located in same area of China - 9 Days Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Huangshan Tour >>

China Attractions
Pick Your Own Tea, Best China Travel Plan!
China Attractions
Pandas! Plan Your China Travel Now to See Them!

10 For Nature Lovers and Panda Fans: Have fun at Panda Base and Explore Jiuzhaigou's Nature - 10 Days Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Zhangjiajie Tour >>

11 Days @ Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an & Huangshan Mountain: A more inclusive itinerary, with added Top Places with Natural Beauty - 11 Days Shanghai Huangshan Xian Beijing>>

11 Days For Grand Natural Wonders: Mountains, Rivers, All the Gorgeous Landscapes in China - 11 Days Jiuzhaigou Yangtze Zhangjiajie Tour>>

3 Days Add-on with Li River: Li River, Yangshuo are not to be missed - 3 Days Guilin Yangshuo Ultimate Landscape Tour>>

14 Days @ Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong kong: Wonderful China Tour with Golden Triangle Cities & More - 14 Days China Group Tour>>

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China Attractions
From Forbidden City, Attraction in Beijing
China Attractions
All the Way to City of Sunlight, Attractions in Lhasa

14 Days @ Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an & Mount Everest: How could you miss Tibet(Xizang) and Mount Everest when visiting China? - 14 Days China Group Tour>>

17 Days @ Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Lhasa, Shanghai & More: China Highlights Tour with Holy Tibet Discovery & Chengdu Pandas - 17 Days China Tour>>

The list could go on, contact us to explore more options base on your preference, and have a Tailor-Made China Travel Plan.

How to apply for Chinese visas?

China is welcoming more tourists with simplified visa procedures since 2023. To secure a Chinese visa, you need to complete an application form, have a valid passport, and submit these along with necessary documents to the Chinese embassies or consulates' Visa Office.

For those planning a Tibet Trip, a unique travel permit, known as the Tibet Travel Permit, is mandatory. This permit can be procured through an authorized travel agency in Tibet.

China Attractions
Travel to China, Plan ahead to get Permit needed for Tibet
China Attractions
Sunshine & Smiles at Lhasa & Everywhere Traveling in China

Is it safe to travel around China?

Yes, traveling around China is safe. China boasts a low crime rate, and law enforcement is generally strict, deterring potential criminals. Additionally, transportation networks are well-developed and efficient, making travel convenient and safe.

When to Travel to China?

China is a vast country. The weather can be totally different in different areas. However, March to May and September to November are the months with mildest climate in China. Most tourists visit China during these six months. The Best Time to Visit China, but it really depends on your preference and expectation of your China Trip.

It's advisable to avoid public holidays (Golden Weeks,黄金周), which typically occur in the first week of May and October. On the other hand, the hustle and bustle of China during the high season could be a positive aspect for some visitors. If you wish to witness the rush of Golden Weeks, make sure to book everything in advance with your agency.

Also, there's the Chinese Lunar New Year, which varies each year on the Gregorian calendar. If you're interested in experiencing an authentic Chinese New Year, it's recommended to consult with a reputable agency to plan out your China Tour.

China Attractions
Hong Kong, Sleepless Metroplis of China
China Attractions
Train Riding Through Fabulous Lands

How to travel around China?

Exploring China as a tourist opens up a world of possibilities. With an extensive transportation network, including high-speed trains, domestic flights, and rental cars, you have the freedom to uncover diverse landscapes and immerse yourself in the country's cultural treasures. The choice of transportation ultimately depends on your itinerary, budget, and individual preferences.

With more traveler-friendly Visa policy and E-pay methods since 2024 planning your China tour is easier than ever!

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Transport Option Pros Cons
Trains Economical, scenic routes, extensive network Can be crowded, slower than flights
Flights Fast, ideal for long distances, frequent services More expensive during high seasons, prone to delays
Rental Cars Flexibility, privacy, pace control Traffic rules, language barrier, parking

What to eat in China?

The diverse flavors of China's cuisine reflect its vast landscape. There's much more to explore beyond the typical Chinese dishes commonly seen in Western countries. Here's an overview of the food you may encounter during your trip to China in most visited cities and regions.

Region Food Style Pros Cons
Beijing Combination of Shandong cuisine, Halal dishes, Chinese aristocrat cuisine, and imperial dishes Rich and diverse flavors Can be too salty for some
Shanghai Benbang cuisine, sweet, mild, and savory flavors Unique and diverse flavors May be too sweet for some
Guangzhou Sweet, mild, and savory flavors Balanced and diverse flavors May be too mild for some
Xi'an Strong flavors, nourishing meals, emphasis on savory aromas Rich and hearty May be too heavy for some
Lhasa, Tibet Mainly composed of meat (beef, mutton, or yak), and very few vegetables High-calorie foods, good for cold weather Lack of vegetables
Chengdu Spicy flavor, variety of foods and snacks Rich and strong flavors May be too spicy for some

Plan your Travel in China with Gourmets - China Food Tours>

Or go even further to the core visit the origin of Asian Staple, Rice, the Rice Terraces in China!

China Attractions
Sichuan Hotpot, A Must-try to include in China Travel Plan
China Attractions
Lagari Hotel with Tibetan Deco

How about the hotels in China?

The hotels in the major tourist and gateway cities in China are as good as the western countries. And the choices are abundant.

Accommodation Type Pros Cons
Hotels Comfortable, many options, services Can be expensive, impersonal
Hostels Affordable, social atmosphere Less privacy, shared facilities
Guesthouses Local experience, homey Vary in quality, less services
Serviced Apartments Space, facilities like home Less services, minimum stay often required
Capsule Hotels Affordable, private sleeping space Small space, shared facilities
Homestays Local experience, meals often included Less privacy, quality varies

Kindly be aware that availability of certain amenities may differ based on the specific city or region in China. It's worth noting that certain hotels may have restrictions on accommodating foreign guests.

Worry not, with professional assistance or a little bit of planning yourself, you can navigate these considerations and discover the perfect accommodation that offers numerous advantages and minimal drawbacks.

What to buy in China?

Souvenirs like clay statues, embroideries, paper cuttings, and puppets are among the most valuable intangible heritages of the Chinese people. For those seeking more premium options, tea, pottery, and jade are also excellent choices.

China Attractions
Souvenirs? Bring Pandas home!
China Attractions
Make Your Own Tibetan Incense During Your China Tour

In recent years, major museums in China have begun offering souvenirs with new design concepts. These items are trendy, fun, and culturally valuable, so check them out.

Tips: E-pay is becoming increasingly popular in China, while cash transactions can be somewhat challenging when international credit cards are not feasible. For small purchases, Alipay (similar to Apple Pay) can be a good backup option worth looking into.

Explore China from Whole New Perspectives with AOT

Trying to learn more about China? Find out more with Top 10 Places in China, Top China Attractions , 40 Most Beautiful Places, Best Time to Visit China .

Or you can just pick your tour right below here. Everything has been planned out for you. Travel with AOT, care-free, unique travel experience Guaranteed!

Asia Odyssey Travel is your gateway to China. We're headquartered in China, with local teams in major cities. Our mission? To provide the best service and authentic travel experiences for explorers like you.

China Travel Plan
Travel With AOT, Amazing Journey Guaranteed!
China Travel Plan
Explore China, the Great Wall & Beyond

AOT offers a range of Tailor-Made Trips, City Trips, Nature Tours, Bike Tours, Trekking Tours, Family Tours, and Lhasa Luxury Tours with professional local team and on-spot service all the way. We cover all the top attractions in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tibet, Hong Kong, etc..

Explore China from whole new perspectives with Asia Odyssey Travel. Brace yourself for the ultimate holiday adventure. Ready to start your Grand China Tour? Contact us now!

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