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Watch the birds and admire amazing sceneries on China’s largest inland lake.
Qinghai Tours

Qinghai Tours

Qinghai province is located in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world. It is named after the Qinghai Lake, the most renowned tourist attraction in the province. Qinghai is the origin of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang River, so it is called the China Water Tower and the source of the mother rivers.

Qinghai has a diverse topography, with mountains, rivers, grasslands, and basins dotted around, forming a magnificent natural landscape. Otherwise, Qinghai has a diversified ethnic culture. Forty-three ethnic groups, including Tibetans, Huis, Mongolians, Tus, and Salars are the major residents in Qinghai. The enthusiasm of Qinghai people and the magnificent natural landscape demonstrate the unique beauty of Qinghai.

The best time to travel in Qinghai

Due to the plateau continental climate, May to October are a suitable time for tourism in Qinghai. In July, there are large scale of rapeseed blooming by the Qinghai Lake. The large scale of yellow flowers and the endless blue lake form a picturesque scenery.


Qinghai Province has magnificent and abundant natural resources: Bird Island in Qinghai Lake known as the "kingdom of birds", Mengda Nature Reserve known as "Xishuangbanna on the plateau", Taer Monastery, a famous monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, and Dongguan, one of the four major mosques in northwestern China are the hottest attractions in Qinghai.

In addition, new tourist attractions such as the Riyue Mountain, the artificial reservoir Longyang Gorge, Dulan International Hunting Ground, and Kamba Forest Park, which are known as "the throat of the sea" have also been favored by many tourists. Moreover, puja is one of the most important ceremonies of Tibetan Buddhism, mainly used for priests and to promote the Dharma.

Qinghai Tours FAQ

  • What is the condition of Qinghai accommodation?

    As the development of tourism in Qinghai Province, the accommodation condition in Qinghai has been upgraded very much. Hotels range from economical 3-star hotels, comfortable 4-star hotels to luxury 5-star hotels in Xining, the capital city of Qinghai. While in other areas of Qinghai, the accommodation condition is relatively poor, such as Tongren, Gulmud, etc. Check out the most recommended hotels in Qinghai.

  • Can you tell me the cycling itineraries beside the Qinghai Lake?

    Normally, a round Qinghai Lake cycling tour starts and ends at the Xihai Town. Based on your stamina, the cycling tour can be finished in three, four, or five days. It is also possible to stay at a place longer for sightseeing.

  • Can the elderly go to Qinghai?

    If you’re healthy, it’s okay, but people with serious respiratory, heart, cardiovascular, and mental illnesses are not suitable for traveling to Qinghai. Therefore, it is recommended to do a cardiopulmonary examination before departure to confirm whether they suffer from the above Several serious diseases

  • What's the weather in Qinghai?

    Qinghai is a multi-ethnic-populated area with the typical plateau continental climate - drying, less rain, windiness, cold, long sunshine hours and so on. There is a light pollution of pollen and dust in the atmosphere during the Spring and Autumn. Learn more here

  • Can I travel to Qinghai in winter?

    Although Qinghai Lake in winter is not as beautiful as summer, it is more vibrant. Countless birds have flown to Qinghai Lake to roost, which will bring you a completely different travel experience.

  • Is it possible to take a train from Xining to Lhasa now?

    No, at present, the Tibetan Tourism Bureau do not issue Tibet Travel Permit, the necessary document for international tourists to enter Tibet. We will let you know as soon as Tibet reopens.

  • What to pack if I travel in Qinghai?

    A windbreaker, a pair of durable and comfortable shoes, a down jacket (better with hat), sunscreen cream, sun block, skin cream and lip balm, sunglasses, medicine for urgent use.

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