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Cross the desert and follow the footprint of ancient trade caravans, uncovering the secrets of historical sites.
Silk Road Travel

Silk Road Travel

2000 years ago, China sent its first trade caravan to the Arabian countries in order to explore the western market. The silk products were the most popular goods at that time. The Chinese and Western cultures, religions, and technologies were communicated and developed rapidly during the long journey.

Do you want to know how the ancient Chinese trade caravan cross the endless desert to reach the Western world? Do you want to see the priceless Silk Road legacy? And, do you want to hear the anecdotes about the silk trade? Just join in our Silk Road packages to make your dream come true.

Silk Road Travel FAQ

  • When is the best time to visit Zhangye?

    June to September are the best time to visit the Danxia landform parks in Zhangye. During clear days, you can see the sunrise or sunset in these parks. It will be neither too hot nor too cold. During rainy days, the plants on the red hills in these parks make the sceneries more beautiful.

  • What can I see on the Silk Road?

    The ruins of ancient cities, deserts, Buddhist grottoes, mosques, Great Wall sections, Danxia landforms and saline lakes are the major attractions on the ancient Silk Road. These attractions can seldom be found in other parts of China.

  • Where are the best places for my kids’ summer holiday in China?

    Normally, most parents take their kids to China to relax and learn some culture and history about China. Beijing and Xian, the two ancient capitals of China, are the best place to learn Chinese culture and history. Guilin and Zhangjiajie, featuring their unique landscapes, are the perfect destinations to relax and admire beautiful sceneries. These four cities are most recommended destinations for kids.

  • When is the best time to visit Xinjiang?

    Xinjiang is worth to visit all year around. Just check out the highlights in Xinjiang during different time periods as below:

    March and April – The apricot flowers are the first spring attractions in Xinjiang. Turpan is the best place to admire apricot flowers. The desert areas are also recommended in April, because it is getting warmer in April.

    May and June – The grasslands in the south Xinjiang are recommended. The north Xinjiang is still in early spring in May, while the south is going into summer. Various colorful plants on the endless green grasslands are best places to admire summer sceneries. In June, the grasslands in north Xinjiang also becomes beautiful.

    July to September – All areas in Xinjiang are beautiful during late summer and early spring. Besides, the fruits are at their best time.

    October to next February – If you like the ice and snow world, visit Xinjiang in winter.

  • How many Mogao Grottoes are open to tourists?

    Since July 17th, 2020, the opening normal grottoes have been increased to 66 from 40. Besides, there are 8 special grottoes. So totally, there are 74 grottoes open to tourists.

    Please note that the special grottoes may be closed without official notice due to repairing project or narrow space in these grottoes.

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