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Golmud to Lhasa Train Schedule, Tickets & Travel Tips

Written by Senior Expert Celine Schneider|Updated: 2024-04-17

Taking a Golmud to Lhasa train means you're in for a shorter journey on the Tibet Train: a relatively swift 13-hour trip lands you in Lhasa. This condensed experience is by no means less exciting or visually stunning. It's a journey that's as much about the destination as it is about the picturesque landscapes along the route.

The adventure begins in Golmud (格尔木), a city in Qinghai Province that serves as the second major starting point for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway after Xining. As the train chugs out of the station, you are immediately immersed in a world of natural beauty that unfolds like a moving panorama through the train window.

From the distant, snow-capped Yuzhu Peak to the vast, untouched wilderness of Hoh Xil, the tranquil waters of the Tuotuo River to the towering heights of the Tanggula Pass, each sight is more breathtaking than the last.

This all-inclusive Golmud to Tibet Train guide presents in-depth details on the train schedule from Golmud to Lhasa, the process of securing tickets, noteworthy sights along the route, and vital tips for travelers. Whether you're plotting an unforgettable rail expedition to Tibet or simply wish to uncover the marvels of this region, this guide is designed to help you optimize your Tibet Train travel experience from Golmud to Lhasa.

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Golmud to Lhasa Train Facts, Distance & Map

The train journey from Golmud to Lhasa covers a total distance of 1142 kilometers. Along the way, it passes through four stations: Anduo, Nagqu, and Dangxiong, before finally arriving in Lhasa.

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Golmud to Lhasa Train Schedule

Please note that the train from Golmud to Lhasa is an intermediate stop for the train journey from Xining to Lhasa. The train will make a 20-25 minute stop at Golmud Station.

Train Type:
Depart Time:

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Golmud to Lhasa Train Price & Facilities

Seat Bed Door Toilet
Hard Seat 98人/carriage / 1 squat toilet
Hard Sleeper 6 berths/carriage, 60*180cm / 2 squat toilets
Soft Sleeper 4 berths/carriage, 75*190cm Sliding door with lock 1 toilet and 1 squat toilet

The train from Golmud to Lhasa offers both hard seat and sleeper compartments, with options for hard seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper. The comfort level increases in that order.

Hard seat is the most affordable and economical choice, with a 3+2 seating arrangement. However, the comfort level is limited, and the carriage has squat-style toilets at the end.

Hard sleeper is a comfortable and reasonably priced option. You will share a small compartment with six people and can choose from upper, middle, or lower berths. Please note that there are no individual compartment doors, and some noise may be heard. Squat-style toilets are available at both ends of the hard sleeper carriage.

Soft sleeper is the most comfortable seating option on the train from Golmud to Lhasa. It offers wider beds measuring 80*190cm and a four-person compartment with a lockable door for added privacy. The toilet facilities in the soft sleeper carriage include both western-style toilets and squat toilets.

Tibet Tour
Soft sleeper
Tibet Tour
Hard sleeper

Food services are available on the train from Golmud to Lhasa, including mobile food carts and a dining car. You can purchase snacks, beverages, and boxed meals. If you crave a cup of coffee, you can walk to the end of the carriage and brew a cup while enjoying the scenic views of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

All trains from Golmud to Lhasa provide passengers with oxygen supply through a diffusing system and individual oxygen outlets to help acclimatize to the high altitude of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

How to Take a Golmud to Lhasa Train

Applying for Tibet Travel Permit - Prerequisite for Your Tibet Travel

A prerequisite for your journey on the train from Golmud to Lhasa is to have a Tibet Travel Permits. Your permit will be checked during the ticket collection and while waiting for the train.

It's important to note that you cannot obtain the Tibet Travel Permits on your own. You will need assistance from a travel agency. When you choose our Tibet Train Tour Package/Tibet Package, we will be more than happy to help you obtain the Tibet Travel Permit as part of our complimentary service. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service to make your journey smooth and memorable!

Departure: Golmud Railway Station

Golmud Train Station is located at No. 39 Yingbin Road, Golmud(格尔木市迎宾路39号). Its prime location in the city center makes it convenient for travelers to reach the station.

Departure Procedure at Golmud Railway Station:

1. Arrive at Golmud Train Station.

2. Bring your passport and Tibet Travel Permits to collect the tickets.

3. Undergo security checks and enter the station.

4. Ticket and Tibet Travel Permits verification at the waiting hall.

5. Board the train at the platform.

Arrival: Lhasa Train Station

Your train from Golmud will ultimately arrive at Lhasa Train Station, where you will step onto the land of the "Roof of the World". The distance from Lhasa Train Station to the city center is only 8 kilometers, and you can easily take a taxi to reach your destination quickly.

Asia Odyssey Travel has always been your trusted travel partner for Tibet. We provide warm railway station pickup services for travelers arriving in Lhasa by train and take you to your hotel in Lhasa. Let us take care of your worry-free Tibet travel experience! Leave it to us!

Check detailes about How to Exit Lhasa Railway Station to Meet Guide? >>

Tibet Tour
Golmud Railway Station
Tibet Tour
Lhasa Railway Station

Scenic Highlights Along the Train Journey from Golmud to Lhasa

The train journey from Golmud to Lhasa is a captivating experience that allows travelers to witness the raw beauty of the diverse landscapes of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Yuzhu Peak

About 1.5 hours after departing from Golmud, passengers are greeted by the majestic Yuzhu Peak. Standing at an altitude of over 6,000 meters, this mountain is part of the Kunlun Mountain range. Its snow-capped summit glistens in the sunlight, providing a glimpse into the world of adventurers preparing to conquer Mount Everest.


Next, the Tibet train passes through the mysterious terrain of Kekexili, a renowned nature reserve known for its untouched wilderness. If lucky, passengers may catch a sight of rare species such as Tibetan antelopes or wild yaks frolicking in their natural habitat.

Tibet Tour
The train to Tibet passes through Qinghai Lake
Tibet Tour

Tuotuo River

The Tibet train then skirts along the banks of the Tuotuo River, one of the main sources of the Yangtze River. The tranquil river meanders through vast landscapes, creating breathtaking vistas.

Cona Lake

Enchanting views of Cona Lake can also be enjoyed along the Tibet Train journey. This pristine body of water contrasts starkly with the surrounding arid landscapes, especially when bathed in the morning sunlight against a clear blue sky.

Northern Tibetan Grasslands

Finally, as the train approaches Lhasa, it passes through the Northern Tibetan Grasslands. This expansive green carpet of lush vegetation is dotted with traditional Tibetan yurts and herds of grazing animals, providing a perfect ending to this picturesque journey.

Tibet Tour
The beautiful scenery of the Tuotuo River
Tibet Tour
The train is only 20 meters away from Lake Cona

Which Train to Choose from Golmud to Lhasa?

Since all Qinghai-Tibet Trains pass through Golmud Station, you will have more options for Tibet Train travel. The choice of train from Golmud to Lhasa often depends on your travel time. However, if you wish to enjoy the highlights of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Z164/165 train from Shanghai to Lhasa, the Z264 train from Guangzhou to Lhasa, or the Z9817 train from Xining to Lhasa would offer the best opportunity to capture the most beautiful scenery along the way.

Tips for Taking the Train from Golmud to Lhasa:

Book your train tickets from Golmud to Lhasa in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Dress warmly and bring enough layers to adjust to the lower temperatures due to the increase in altitude.

Keep your essential and valuable items in a backpack for easy access and safekeeping during the Tibet Train journey.

During peak travel seasons, it may be challenging to secure sleeper compartment tickets, so consider opting for a hard seat if necessary.

Take Tibet Train Tours with Asia Odyssey Travel

As a seasoned travel agency specializing in Tibet travel for over 10 years, Asia Odyssey Travel has established offices and local teams worldwide, including major Chinese cities conveniently connected to Lhasa, Tibet (Xizang), by train and flights. Expanding tour destinations in China provides a Panoramic Tibet Travel Experience with diverse optionsThat's why we have meticulously crafted Tibet Train Tours starting from various major Chinese cities, ensuring an immersive, all-inclusive journey with a wide range of choices.

You can opt for our Tibet Train Tour starting from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, Xining, Chongqing, Hong Kong and more cities in China or even from Bhutan or Nepal!

There is no need to worry about booking train tickets to Tibet, language barriers, or anything you can think of, as we have you covered every step of the way! If you prefer to travel at your own pace Asia Odyssey Travel will always map out the Best Travel Plan for you, so you can simply hop on the train and start your Grand Tour of Tibet!

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