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Guangzhou Tibet Tour - 3 Best Guangzhou Tibet Tours 2024

Start your China Tibet Tour from Guangzhou - the capital of Guangdong province!  Guangzhou is one of China's most fasion city while blending Western and Lingnan cultures together. You won't miss the top attractions of Guangzhou, such as Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Yuexiu Park, Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum, Huacheng Square, Canton Tower, Pearl River. Don't forget to have a bite of its Cantonese food and Lingnan Architectures. As an open and friendly city and one of the most popular destinations in Asia, Guangzhou offers all modern convenience for you to enter China and start your China tour freely and easily. Then, take a flight from Guangzhou to Xining, the starting point of the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It is currenly the quickest way to travel to Tibet by train from Xining while offering one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. You can also flight to Chengdu from Guangzhou then transfer to Lhasa by flight. Join our Guangzhou Tibet Tours either by train or by flight, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tibetan Plateau.

Why Take a Guangzhou Tibet Tour?

2,000-year-old Port City - As gateway to Southern China, Guangzhou has numerous direct international flights and high speed trains that connect to top cities around China.
The Third-largest City in China - As the third-largest city in China, after Shanghai and Beijing, bordering Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou is the center for business, trade, culture.
Morden Train from Xining to Lhasa - The train from Xining is equipped with oxygen supply systems and pressurized carriages, which can regulate air pressure and provide additional oxygen to passengers.
Guangzhou to Lhasa via Chengdu - Chengdu is most used transfer gateway city to Lhasa of Tibet by regular flights. A stop in Chengdu for delicious Sichuan hotpot and cute panda.
Tailor Made for Free - We offer classic China tours from Guangzhou, and we are glad to tailor your Guangzhou Tibet Tour according to your way!
Guangzhou Tibet Tours

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3 Best Guangzhou Tibet Tours

We have designed 3 Best Guangzhou Tibet Tours specailly for those who love to visit Tibet. Our Guangzhou Tibet Tours cover two ways to enter Tibet: by train or by flight. For the Guangzhou Xining Train Tibet Tour, you can first visit Guangzhou and Xining, then take the train from Xining to Lhasa, Tibet. After viewing the unique scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you can start your dream travel in Tibet. For the Guangzhou Chengdu Tibet Tour, you can first flight to Chengdu from Guangzhou, then take a flight to Lhasa from Chengdu. Take our Guangzhou Tibet Tours to visit the top cities in Tibet like Lhasa (Potala Palace), Gyantse (Kumbum Stupa), and Shigatse (Mount Everest Base Camp). Contact AOT Team to tailor-made your Guangzhou Tibet Tour.

Guangzhou - Xining - Lhasa - Namtso Lake - Lhasa
Have you ever heard of the song Take a Train to Lhasa (坐上火车去拉萨)? This folk song was created in 2006 to celebrate the completion and opening of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and quickly became po...
Guangzhou - Xining - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp (EBC) - Old Tingri - Gyirong - Nepal
Plan a Guangzhou to Tibet tour? Would you like to enter Tibet by Train through the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway? Then overland to Nepal from Tibet? Our 10-day Guangzhou Tibet Tour from Xining to Lha...
Guangzhou - Chengdu - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa
Guangzhou City is the capital of Guangdong province, bordering Hong Kong and Macao, it is a major and only port city that has been opening and thriving for over 2,000 years. You can discover Guangzh...

4 Recommeded Tibet Group Tours

Experience the wonders of Tibet with our affordable Tibet Group Tours and share the cost with travelers from from around the globe. With a lower price and a small group of like-minded travelers, you can make new friends and refresh yourself on the roof of the world. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Tibet by exploring its stunning landscapes and visiting its magnificent Tibetan Buddhist sites. Join us now for a Tibet Group Tour with top-notch service and unbeatable prices.

Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Lhasa - Shanghai
In our 13 days China group tour, you will go to visit five stunning destinations (Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu and Lhasa) all over China, taking you to explore essential China in all-sided way w...
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Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa - Shanghai
It is just ONE LIFE. Seize the chance and do something worthwhile. Traveling in diverse China, you might have unique things wish to experience. How about exploring the classic China to see the ancie...
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Shanghai - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Xian - Beijing
Tibet, situated in the mysterious western region of China, is the highest place on earth. It has the highest mountain in the world - Mount Everest, rising 8848.86 meters above sea level. Breathtakin...
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Lhasa - Yamdrok Lake - Shigatse - Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC) - Lhasa
Start your Tibet adventure with a 8-day Lhasa Yamdroksto Shigatse EBC Group Tour, which can help you realize your dream trip to the Everest Base Camp for a view of Mt. Everest (8,848m), the highest ...
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6 Best China Tours with Tibet

If your travel plans include exploring China with Tibet, consider our China Tours with Tibet as your top option. You can easily access Tibet via direct flights or trains from popular cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, and Xian. Choose from our China Group Tours with Tibet or China Private Tours with Tibet for the ultimate combination of affordability and exceptional service. Join us now to embark on an unforgettable China tour with Tibet.

Beijing - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa
Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chengdu - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai
Hong Kong - Chengdu - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa
Shanghai - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Lhasa - Xian - Beijing

3 Popular China Tours from Guangzhou

We provide 3 Popular China tours from Guangzhou, and it is our pleasure to add some of the top tourist destinations to your China itinerary. You won't miss Guangzhou's landmarks such as Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Yuexiu Park, Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum, Beijing Road, Huacheng Square, Canton Tower, Pearl River... Starting your China tour from Guangzhou, an open and friendly city, enjoy a bright trip in the orient that blends Western and Asian culture together. Guangzhou is a great starting point for you to enter China for your wonderful China trip to cover Guangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Zhangjiajie… Contact us to tailor-made your China tours from Guangzhou according to your travel style. We offer the best prices!

Guangzhou - Guilin - Longji Rice Terrace - Yangshuo - Guilin
6 Days
5 Places
Imagine taking a high speed train from Guangzhou to Guilin. Within 3 hours, you can escape the bustling atmosphere of China's third-largest city and begin a relaxing holiday in a landscape that rese...
View Details
Guangzhou - Shanghai - Xian - Beijing
Iconic Essentials
10 Days
4 Places
From South to North: A Tale of Four Chinese Iconic Cities Are you considering a comprehensive exploration of China's iconic cities from the southern gateway of Guangzhou? Dreaming of traversing thro...
View Details
Guangzhou - Zhangjiajie
Short Trip
4 Days
2 Places
Are you in Guangzhou for business or a brief transit and enticed by the idea of a short escape to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Zhangjiajie? Or perhaps you're entering China through Guangzhou and ...
View Details

Guangzhou Tibet Tours Planning & Useful Articles

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province. To plan a Guangzhou Tibet Tour, you can choose to reach Xining by air or by bullet train. Welcome to contact us regarding your direct flight tickets to Xining from Guangzhou. Xining is the first choice for most travelers to reach Lhasa by train, with only 21.5 hours for the quickest train currently available with incredible scenery. Therefore, we recommend booking your train ticket from Xining to Lhasa as early as possible. Additionally, be sure to contact us ahead of time for flight tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa if you want to enter Tibet via flight as Chengdu is a best gate way to enter Tibet by air. Please feel free to contact us to ensure your train/flight tickets and we will be happy to help you plan a wonderful Guangzhou Tibet Tour.

Guangzhou Tibet Tours FAQs - Plan Your Guangzhou Tibet Tours Worry-Free

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    1. How to get to Guangzhou?

    Guangzhou has an international airport, Baiyun International Airport, which offers flights from many major cities worldwide. It is also well-connected by train, with high-speed rail services and regular train connections to other cities in China. There are several ways to get to Guangzhou, depending on your starting location and preference. Here are some common methods of transportation to reach Guangzhou:

    1). Get to Guangzhou By Air: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) is the major international airport serving the city. It operates both domestic and international flights, connecting Guangzhou to numerous destinations worldwide.

    2). Get to Guangzhou By Train: Guangzhou is well-connected to China's extensive High Speed train network. You can take a high-speed train from various cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and many others.

    3). Get to Guangzhou By Car: If you prefer driving or hiring a private car, you can reach Guangzhou of Guangdong via the well-developed highway system.

    4). Get to Guangzhou By Ferry: If you are traveling from Hong Kong or Macau, you can take a ferry to Guangzhou.

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    2. What is Guangzhou famous for?

    Guangzhou is famous for its rich history, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and is a major economic and trading hub in southern China. It is also known for its iconic landmarks, Canton Fair, and its role as a gateway to other cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Here are some of the things that Guangzhou is renowned for:

    1). Trade and Commerce: Guangzhou has a long history as a major trading port. It has been a center for international trade for centuries and continues to be an important hub for business and commerce in southern China. Such as the Canton Fair, China's oldest and largest trade fair, held biannually.

    2). Cantonese Cuisine: Guangzhou is considered the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, one of the most popular and influential styles of Chinese cuisine worldwide. Dim sum, roast meats, clay pot dishes, and Cantonese-style seafood are some of the culinary highlights that attract food enthusiasts to Guangzhou.

    3). Cultural Heritage: With its rich history, Guangzhou is known for its cultural heritage. The city is home to numerous temples, ancestral halls, and historical sites that reflect its long-standing traditions and influences from different dynasties. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and Foshan Ancestral Temple are notable examples.

    4). Lingnan Architecture: Guangzhou of Guangdong showcases a distinctive Lingnan architectural style, characterized by its unique blend of Chinese and Western influences. The European-style buildings on Shamian Island and the traditional Lingnan houses in old neighborhoods are prime examples of this architectural heritage.

    5). Pearl River: The river offers scenic views, and a nighttime cruise along the Pearl River is a popular attraction, providing mesmerizing views of Guangzhou's skyline.

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    3. Is Guangzhou safe for travel?

    Like any other major tourist city in China, Guangzhou is considered to be a safe city to visit. As with any travel destination, it is advisable to research and plan your trip in advance. Stay informed about local customs, laws, and regulations to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience in Guangzhou.

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    4. How many days do you need in Guangzhou?

    The number of days you need in Guangzhou of Guangdong province depends on your interests and the attractions you wish to explore. Typically, 2-3 days can provide a good introduction to the city. However, if you want to delve deeper into the cultural and historical aspects of Guangzhou or visit nearby attractions, you may consider extending your stay.

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    5. Do I need to get a Tibet permit to visit Lhasa? How long does it take to obtain?

    All foreign travelers are required to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit to visit Lhasa and Tibet. The permit can only be applied for through a registered travel agency in Tibet (we are local based Tibet travel agency with office setting in Lhasa) and is required to purchase flight or train tickets to Tibet. Travelers should plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the permit application process, as it can take  two weeks to obtain the necessary permits.

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    6. How to get to Lhasa? By air or by train, which one is better?

    There are usually two ways to get to Lhasa , depending on your starting point and travel preferences.

    (1) By Air: You can fly to Lhasa Gonggar Airport from major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Guangzhou, as well as from some international destinations such as Kathmandu, Nepal. The airport is located about 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) from Lhasa and can be reached by taxi or bus.

    (2) by train The Qinghai-Tibet Railway connects Lhasa with several major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, and Xining. The train journey is a popular way to reach Lhasa as it offers stunning views of the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayan mountain range. However, the journey can take several days, so it's important to plan accordingly.

    Once you arrive in Lhasa, our team at Asia Odyssey Travel will be there to greet you with English-speaking guides and experienced drivers. We'll escort you from the airport or train station to your hotels in Lhasa.

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    7. When is the best time to travel to Tibet?

    The best time to travel to Tibet is from April to early June and September to November. In fact, Tibet is worth a visit all year round, because the sceneries vary in different season. If you like winter view, winter is also good travel time with clearest snow-capped mountains and the most colorful rivers. However, the roads in Tibet might be frozen in winter. Please ask us for the exact weather if you plan to travel in winter.

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Latest Guangzhou Tibet Tours Reviews from Our Customers

Discover what our customers are saying about the latest Guangzhou Tibet Tours. Browse through their recent reviews and feedback on tour arrangements, guides, transportation, attractions, dining, hotels, and detailed itineraries to plan your own unforgettable China tour. View All Customers Reviews >>
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Happy and enjoyable journey
This is my first time experience going thru a tour group by communicating with Kayla, my planner. Everything was properly arranged. My 8days tour with Max our guide who is attentive, friendly and helpful by answering all my queries. Driver also very friendly. The trip with a minimum 1 - 2 sight-seeing per day was favorable to me as I was experiencing high altitude issue early of the journey. The group size of 14 people was indeed nice and everyone get along well. I am thankful to Asia Odyssey for having an itinerary that meet my expectation.
read more
  • star
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This is my first time experience going thru a tour group by communicating with Kayla, my planner. Everything was properly arranged. My 8days tour with...

Destination(s): Tibet

Date of Experience: May 28, 2024

Tour Customized by: Kayla

You May be Interested in This Tour: Customized Tour

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Time of my life
Had the time of my life. Planning with super easy and direct with them. They even help to make suggestions to my trip that made it better than I had initially planned. Max, our tour guide was incredibly knowledgable and ensure our group was well taken care of. Thank you
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Had the time of my life. Planning with super easy and direct with them. They even help to make suggestions to my trip that made it better than I had i...

Destination(s): Tibet

Date of Experience: May 29, 2024

Tour Customized by: Shirley

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Appreciation for an Unforgettable Journey to Tibet"?
I would like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you for organising the unforgettable journey to Tibet. Your dedication throughout the trip, attention to detail, and consistent support made this journey stand out.

From the beginning, you demonstrated exceptional professionalism and technical expertise, designing an itinerary that exceeded our expectations. Your prompt responses to our inquiries and requests were invaluable, and your ability to find the best options for every aspect of the journey did not go unnoticed.
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I would like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you for organising the unforgettable journey to Tibet. Your dedication throughout the...

Destination(s): Tibet

Date of Experience: May 27, 2024

Tour Customized by: Amy

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