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Top 10 Famous Mountains in China

Written by Senior Expert Felicia|Updated: 2023-12-14

Spanning across the vast expanse of China, a tapestry of mountains weaves through the country's many provinces and regions, each peak and valley steeped in its own unique blend of natural splendor and historical narrative. These mountains have not only shaped the geographic diversity of China but also serve as custodians of its rich historical and cultural legacies, transforming them into captivating destinations for travelers from around the world.

In this article, we journey through the Top 10 Most Famous Mountains in China, a collection that includes 7 sites honored as part of UNESCO's World Heritage list. These esteemed mountains include four that are recognized for both their cultural and natural significance: the sacred Mount Tai (泰山), the picturesque Yellow Mountain (黄山), the serene Emei Mountain (峨眉山) with its Buddhist wonders, and the biodiverse Wuyi Mountain (武夷山). Complementing them are two mountains celebrated for their cultural heritage: the Buddhist Mount Wutai (五台山) and the Taoist Wudang Mountain (武当山), alongside the awe-inspiring Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie (张家界), located within the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Beyond these, the list also features Mount Hua (华山), one of the Five Great Mountains of China, the towering Mount Everest (珠穆朗玛峰) known as the world's highest peak, and the ethereal Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山). Each mountain, with its own story and scenery, beckons adventurers and contemplatives alike to explore their unique charms and mysteries.

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  • triangleNo.1 Huangshan Mountain - The Mystical Peaks of the Yellow Emperor
  • triangleNo.2 Mount Hua - The Precipitous Paths to Heaven's Gate
  • triangleNo.3 Mount Tai - The Majestic Throne of Eastern Spirituality
  • triangleNo.4 Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie - The Avatar-Inspired Pillars of the Sky
  • triangleNo.5 Wuyishan Mountain - The Enchanted Realm of the Nine-Bend River
  • triangleNo.6 Mount Emei - The Sacred Wonderland of Buddhism
  • triangleNo.7 Mount Everest - Tallest Mountain in the World
  • triangleNo.8 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - The Shimmering Scales of the Jade Dragon
  • triangleNo.9 Wutai Mountain - The Divine Pinnacle of the Five Plateaus
  • triangleNo.10 Wudang Mountain - The Tranquil Home of Taoism and Martial Arts
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