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Most Beautiful Rivers or Lakes in China

Edited by Asia Odyssey Travel on 2020-11-03

There are countless rivers and lakes in China. Some offer tourists beautiful sceneries, which are helpful for them to get relaxed, while some make tourists excited with the raging water or high gorges.

Do you want to get relaxed or excited? These most beautiful rivers or lakes will satisfy you.

Yangtze River – Magnificent Three Gorges

With a length of 6387 kilometers, the Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world. For Chinese people it is a mother river. For Chinese tourism, almost every popular lake and river scenic spot is getting water from the Yangtze River or its tributaries.

The essence of the Yangtze River is the Three Gorges Section, which consists of the Wu, Qutang, and Xiling Gorges. Countless ancient carvings, villages, temples, and the Three Gorges Dam are the major attractions in this section. Tourists usually take a cruise through the Three Gorges and visit these ancient relics via shore excursions. If you do not want to do shore excursions, just admire the gorge views on the sightseeing deck or the balcony of your cabin.

Yangtze River cruise

Yangtze River cruise

West Lake – Almost Dried Up

The West Lake in Hangzhou has been for popular tourist destinations for over 1000 years. However, almost every ancient dynasty wanted to transform the lake into fields. It almost dried up 100 years ago. After the feudal society was overthrown in 1912, the government began to realize they should keep the lake, so they built a park based on the lake.

Nowadays, the West Lake is popular for both local people and tourists. You can admire the plants and birds while taking a boat ride on the river. If you want to know about Chinese history or religions, the temples around the lake are good options.

West Lake Lotus

West Lake Lotus

Li River – Short Cruise, Incredible Sceneries

Tourists usually enjoy the beauty of the Li River via an 83-kilometer long cruise, during which tourists can see the hills of various shapes. The green trees and colorful flowers on these hills can enhance your cruising experience. In a word, the Li River and its surrounding hills form a huge piece of natural painting.

The cruise starts from and City of Guilin and ends at the County of Yangshuo, where you can also see beautiful hills and rivers. Many tourists also hike along the Li River to admire the sceneries longer.

Li River

Li River

Tuo River – More Beautiful Due to the Cultures of Ethnic Minorities

The Tuo River is located in the Ancient Town of Fenghuang, where there are 28 ethnic minorities. Many wood houses are built by the local people on the banks of the river. Tourists can admire the river view in these houses or walk to the middle of the river. There are 66 square stone blocks on the River. Tourists can walk to the middle of the river via these blocks to take photos or just admire the sceneries.

The Ancient Town of Fenghuang is near the City of Zhangjiajie, where features the Avatar Mountain, so many tourists visit both Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie.

Stone Blocks on the Tuo River

Stone blocks on the Tuo River

Lancang River – Precious World Heritage

The Lancang River was named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003. Due to the huge altitude drop and low latitude, from the snow-capped mountain to tropical rainforests, almost every kind of scenery can be seen along the Lancang River. And you may feel like moving from winter to summer while traveling from the upstream (high altitude) to downstream (low altitude). Various plants and animals and villages of ethnic minorities are the highlights along the river.

The Lancang River is in Yunnan Province where borders with Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, so it is convenient to continue your trip to Southeast Asia after vising the Lancang River.

Snow-capped Mountains along the Lancang River

Snow-capped Mountains along the Lancang River

Pearl River – Unique Night View

Although the Pearl River is 2214 kilometers long, only the 96-kilometer long section in the City of Guangzhou is used for tourism. It is a great experience to admire the night view of Guangzhou during a night cruise on the Pearl River. Beside the sceneries, the local desserts on the cruise ferry are also the highlights of the cruise. Many tourists take a cruise to have a quick span of the attractions first, if they find somewhere interesting, they will visit those places later.

night cruise on the Pearl River

Night cruise on the Pearl River

Qiantang River – World’s Largest Tidal Bore

Due to the centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the earth, tourists can admire the tidal bore of the Qintang River between the first day and fifth day, and between the fifteenth day and twentieth day of a Chinese lunar month. If you wish to see the tidal bore, please contact us for the exact dates of Gregorian Calendar.

The largest tidal bore takes place around the fifteenth day of every eighth month of every Chinese lunar year. Thousands of tourists go to Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, or Haining so see the tidal bore every year. Some of them might be hurt while seeing the raging tidal bore, so please make sure you see the spectacle at a safe place.

Tidal Bore

It can be dangerous to watch the Qintang River Tidal Bore

Songhua River – Beautiful Winter Scenery

Tourists usually only visit the Songhua River to see the rime trees in winter. Although many other places in China are also very cold, the air is not wet enough, so there is no rime.

The Songhua River flows through Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, where are the best places to admire the rime trees. The hydroelectric stations on the Songhua River offer tourists the best rime trees sceneries, because the temperature of water near these hydroelectric stations are not frozen during winter, so there is enough water vapor in the air, which is an essential factor to form rime on trees.

Rime trees

Beautiful rime trees on the banks of the Songhua River

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