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Top China Short-Distance Cycling Routes

Edited by Asia Odyssey Travel on 2020-11-05

Cycling is a very good way to enjoy the scenery and culture of a tourist destination. You can move relatively faster, but not too fast to miss the highlights on the road. You can stop at any beautiful place longer to fully soak up the excellent atmosphere. And light exercise is good to your body.

Please check out the Top Short Cycling Sites in China, where you can see beautiful scenery and learn interesting local cultures without getting too tired.

Pingjiang Road in Suzhou – Water Town and Ancient Gardens

  • Route: Pingjiang Ancient Street – Humble Administrator’s Garden – Taohuawu – Shantang Street – Tiger Hill – Hanshan Temple
  • Length: 15 kilometers

Suzhou is an ancient city renowned for its classical ancient gardens and water town views. This cycling routes will lead you to from the most renowned street to the most beautiful ancient gardens. The ancient trees, wells, houses, bridges, and archways are typical views of an ancient water town. If you want to take a rest, just walk in a teahouse opened in one of these houses.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden and Tiger Hill are two classical ancient gardens in Suzhou. If you take a stroll in these two exquisite gardens, you will know the essential culture of the ancient city.

Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang Road

Lingyin Road in Hangzhou – Cycle beside the West Lake

  • Route: West Lake – Lingyin Road – Shangtianzhu Temple – Longjing Road – Arboretum
  • Length: 10 kilometers

Situated beside the Lingyin Temple, the Lingyin Road is replete with Buddhist atmosphere. Normally, there are not too many tourists on the Lingyin Road. During weekends or public holidays, many people like to take a stroll on this road. However, almost everyone knows the sacred Lingyin Temple is near the road, so they will try their best to keep quiet. Even if the sunshine is strong, it is cool on the road due to the huge banyan trees, which are sacred to Buddhists. If you are interested in Buddhism, it is recommended to stop to pay a visit to the Lingyin Temple. In autumn, the leaves of the banyan trees will turn yellow, which makes this cycling route even more beautiful.

Quiet Lingyin Road

Quiet Lingyin Road

Yangshuo County in Guilin – Breath-Taking Countryside Scenery

  • Route: 10-Mile Gallery – Moon Hill – Jima Dock – Yulong River
  • Length: 22 kilometers

Yangshuo has been one of the hottest tourist destinations in China for nearly three decades. Everyone knows every corner in Yangshuo is beautiful. So, if you want to cycle happily in Yangshuo, you have to find some places there are not too many tourists and cars. Fortunately, you find this route.

This route mainly consists of countryside road, which is a little bit narrow, but very smooth. Fields, small streams, and hills are the major sceneries on the roadside. If you happen to see some beautiful places, it is convenient to stop to take photos.

Yangshuo countryside cycling

Yangshuo countryside cycling

Ancient City Wall in Xian – No Automobiles at All

  • Route: South Gate of the city wall – West Gate – North Gate – East Gate – South Gate
  • Length: 11 kilometers

The Ancient City Wall in Xian was initially built in the sixth century AD and extended in the fifteenth century AD. Fortunately, there is no serious damage since then.

Nowadays, cycling on this China’s best-preserved ancient city wall is a very popular tourist activity. The 12 meters wide city wall allows tourists to cycle safely on it. Furthermore, there is absolutely no automobile on the city wall. You can stop at any place to take a rest or admire the views of the old Xian city.

Ancient City Wall in Xian

Ancient City Wall in Xian

Cycle from Old to New Shanghai

  • Route: Gucheng Park – Shanghai Old City Area – The Bund – People’s Square
  • Length: 6 kilometers

Departing from the Gucheng Park, you will head to the Old City Area first. It is unbelievable this old area still exists in Shanghai. The poles which are used to dry up clothes are the symbols of this old area. These poles are stretched out of the balconies of the old buildings. If people see their neighbors are also hanging clothes on the balconies, they will talk to each other in Shanghai dialect, which is hard to understand for Chinese people from other places. However, it is very interesting.

Continue cycling to the Bund, a must-visit place in Shanghai. The views of Huangpu River and the skyscrapers let you know the new Shanghai.

Clothes-drying poles

Clothes-drying poles in Old Shanghai City Area

Cycle along the Axis Line of Beijing

  • Route: Yongding Gate – Temple of Heaven – Forbidden City – Drum Tower – Bell Tower
  • Length: 10 kilometers

This route starts from the South Gate (Yongding Gate) of the ancient Beijing City. You cycle past the most renowned royal relics, such as the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Drum and Bell Towers. These relics were built on the Axis Line of Ancient Beijing City. In ancient times, only the royal members were allowed to visit these sites. If you cycle 7 kilometers farther, you will reach the 2008 Olympic legacies, the Water Cube and Bird’s Nest.

Yongding Gate

South Gate of the ancient Beijing City.

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